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Nov 1, 2010

The Orange Spirit For Monday

Welcome to Monday Mayhem.
In celebration of the fall colors, today's meme is all about the color orange.
For each prompt, answer with something orange.
Have fun!!

1. What is your favorite orange colored thing on the planet?
I have an orange shirt. My skin tone is warm and orange is a perfect color for me. I love it.

2. Ever see an orange person?
I think I have. I watch "Bride's War" movie where Anna Hathaway wants to make herself looks tan in her wedding. She ends up with orange color all over her body. LoL

3. Name something that you hate that is orange.
Orange hair color! I can't imagine any mom will ever use such a color for her new lool.

4. What is your favorite sports team that uses the color orange?
I'm not a fan of football actually. But I know that Netherlands has Oranje Team. Am I right?

5. Name an orange food.
An orange, of course! Silly you. LoL

6. Tell us something funny that entails an orange (like a joke or image).
What about this stupid orange lady? :D

7. When is the last time you ate an orange?
Yesterday, I like orange

8. What's your opinion about pulp- does it belong in juice or should it be removed?
I think it doesn't belong to the juice. I hate pulpy juice! I don't have pulp in my orange juice even if I made my own juice at home.

9. Name an orange piece of your wardrobe.
Orange shirt

10. Orange you glad we didn't say banana?
Silly you! LoL Have a great orange Monday there..

Image Source: unreasonablysafe.files.wordpress.com
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1 comment:

  1. I feel sorry for that stupid lady :()
    I loved Bride Wars!

    Thanks for playing!


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