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Nov 1, 2010

Have A Great Halloween Party!

Well well well.. Apparently this is day all children (or adults) have been waiting for this entire October. October 31 is the Halloween date. Have you ready with your costumes yet? I think it will be very fun when you visiting each house and yell “Trick or Treat” LoL. Bring the Jack O’ Lanterns and those creepy costumes out and go have fun with other children on the street. I found this cute Halloween costumes for children on various website. What do you think? Will you use one of these costumes today?
As for adults who also want to enjoy this Halloween party, I found some costumes in various websites too. I don’t think that adults are going to do “Trick or Treat” too tonight. It sounds boring, they said. I think adults will have their own particular Halloween parties which will sounds boring to children too. LoL
Anyway, whatever costumes you choose tonight, I’m sure that all of you will look different err beautiful or creepy. LoL
Enjoy your Halloween party there… (I will watch horror movie again tonight)

Image Source: sp.life123.com; www.alphamom.com; www.countryliving.com; thatsmyskull.blogspot.com; epichalloween.com

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