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Nov 9, 2010

Skin Care Products And Pregnancy

Theoretically, pregnant women are still allowed to use skin care in order to look beautiful. But you must realize that you have a huge difference between any ordinary women. You need to pay more attention to little human who grows inside you. Since everything you use will also bring impact to your child inside your womb. I choose to stop using any skin care treatments after knowing that I’m pregnant four years ago. But it’s okay if you feel like you still want to do the skin care rituals but be careful of chemical ingredients on it which may harm your fetus.
Below are some of the chemical ingredients on your skin care products that use better avoid during pregnancy, mommies.
1. Retinoids
What: generally found in skin care products with anti-ageing or pimples cure on it. This can be written in several different names in package such as differin, retin-A, tretinoin or retinol.
Why: it could bring danger to your fetus such as incomplete step of growth, where baby can be born without certain body parts.

2. Salicylic acid
What: usually found in cleanser and toner products to reduce skin inflammation as well as exfoliation. It has similar effect with aspirin. You may recognize this as AHA or BHA
Why: high dosage of this can cause bleeding, kidney failure to your fetus. Or deaf-mute issue after the baby is born.

3. Sunscreen
What: usually contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, oxybenzone, dioxybenzone, etc.
Why: some women experience allergic reaction over these chemical ingredients. Any allergic reactions should be considered seriously during pregnancy.

Then, it’s all up to you, mommies. If you feel that none of your skin care products contains those three factors inside, they you feel free to continue your habit even if you’re pregnant. But, if you asked me, forget about skin care products and let the nature works for you. Pregnant women face usually looks glowing and beautiful anyway.

And I really want to say thank you to my beautiful blogger friends, Vida in The Happy Wife for giving me this beautiful award. You are so kind...xoxo

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  1. Your Welcome Risma! I've learned a lot from this article.. I'll surely remember this when I get pregnant! I can't wait=)


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