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Aug 26, 2010

Gimme The Tittle

1. To whom did you last give the finger?
Someone who parked his/her car using two lots at a time in a mall’s parking area while there’s no empty lot left. How can people be such a selfish like that? If you can’t park your car properly using the available lot, then use the taxi for goodness sake!

2. If you had 1,000 dollars and HAD to spend it, what would you buy?
Have a fancy and exclusive family vacation! I believe that the kind of money that you got unintentionally such as money from gambling, door prizes, or lottery is deserved to be used for spree LOL.

3. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?
Home made ice tea. I made it yesterday because the weather was so hot and a cup of ice tea will be a soothed option.

4. When was the last photograph you took? What was it of?
Last night. I took a picture of my daughter with my cell phone. I love to take her pictures all the time.

5. Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?
I didn’t go out these few days so I can’t remember it anymore. Hubby himself is a smoker but never smoke inside our house. He knows how much I hate smoke!

6. What animal did you last pet or hold?
Hubby is not an animal lover and he forbid our daughter to have one at home :(
Never hold any pet again for more than five years while I actually have 3 big and black dogs back in my hometown.

7. What was the last superstitious thing you did?
None. I believe in superstitious but seldom find it in my own life. Wonder why?

8. What was the last text message you received?
Hubby asking for other family member’s cell phone number.

9. Berleen has decided to buy twelve goats. If she trades three for some awesome pot, loses one while she was stoned, what do you think she did with the rest?
She decided to give one for the master and one for the dame. And give the rest of them to a boy who lives in the lane. Yeehaaa…let’s sing the "Ba Ba Black Sheep" then…

(please ignore the wrong lyric on the end part)
10. What was the last musical instrument played in your presence?
Piano… Ups, that was 9 months ago when we gathered for Christmas.. Wow! I can’t believe that I was so fascinated by the DVD and never had a chance to hear the real musical instrument anymore.

11. What was the last note that you wrote on your hand?
Nothing. Never write on my hand anymore after graduated from primary school. And it was SOOO long ago.

12. Kimber announced that she was born on another planet. Which one do you think it was and why?
Mars… still can’t figure out why LOL

13. What are you wearing as you answer these ridiculously stupid TT questions?
A comfy pink pajama. Why do you want to know? ;)



  1. I know what you mean about parking lots and the inconsiderate ones who take up TWO spaces.

    Love Letters in the Sand

  2. I hate people who park like that. They always have a crummy car too.

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. I hate when people suck at parking. I've been known to stick notes on habitual sucky parkers cars.


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