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Aug 7, 2010

A Friendship Story

A song here in Indonesia says that friendship is like a chrysalis which needs to be taken care of until finally turning into a beautiful butterfly. Do you agree with that? Well I believe that you can meet your true best friend accidentally on a books store for instance but it doesn’t mean that she suddenly turn out to be your true best friend at that time. Both of you still need time to know about each other before you could be best friends. If somehow in the process both of you see something inside each other which seem not right, then this true best friendship will never happened.
With friends you can have fun or enjoying bonding time together. But only with best friend you can share your deepest thoughts and feelings, someone whom you trust the most, the one who support you no matter what and always be there to hug you when you need it and provide you shoulders to cry on. And in my case, that true best friend is my beloved hubby. According to this, I want to share you Saturday 9 meme that also talk about friendship today.

1. How many of your friendships have lasted more than ten years? Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you ten years from now?
I only have one friend that lasted more than ten year but we already live separated right now. She still stays in my hometown and I’m so far away from her right now. She was my best friend since my first time in school until we both graduated from high school. I never had one like that ever since. Right now, I don’t have a special kind of friend but still able to reunited with old friends from schools through Facebook. But I don’t think that they can be so important for me ten years from now. My family is my priority right now. Friends can come and go, but family will lasts forever.

2. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what’s the first thing you look at?
Definitely my eyeglasses (lol) But if you talking about attitudes or characters here, I can say you that the first thing I saw is smile instead. I smile a lot :)

3. Who was the most recent person on your missed call list on your cell phone? What’s your relationship with the person?
My hubby of course. In fact, he’s never been on my missed call whatsoever. I always pick up my cell phone especially from known number. But I usually don’t pick up any phone call from unknown numbers.

4. What did your last text message you received on your cell phone say?
Actually it was a BlackBerry Messenger text from my hubby that told me that he was about to have breakfast this morning. I seldom use text message lately.

5. How would you “label” yourself?
Friendly and cheerful.

6. What was your favorite age that you’ve been?
It would be my college time. I spent a lot of time in college days to visit lakes or mountain for several days and enjoy the bonfire in camp time. I don’t have a too serious problem to think about at those days. I only need to think about my study and stuff after that there’re plenty of time to be spent with clicks and other friends. This cheerfulness ended when you finished your college and find your own path. How I miss that time.

7. What is your current desk top picture? What’s it significant?
My hubby and daughter with their big smiles. I love this two persons’ pictures to be everywhere around me. I put their picture on my desk top and on my cell phone as well.

8. What was the last thing you said to someone that you‘d like to take back?
I think I told someone about my deepest secret unconsciously few years ago. I was so depressed at that time. A few days later I realized that she wasn’t even my close friend and my suspicious is that one day in the future she will use that information to hurt me. I never see her again after I finished college, thank God.

9. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to go back in time and fix all your mistakes which would you choose?
I will choose a million bucks instead. I don’t want to change a thing on my past, my friends. I believe that everything in my life happens for a good reason. My every mistake in my past must have its own contribution to make me what of I am right now. I’m happy with what I am right now and so is my family. I don’t want to change something in my past that might turn me into a different person today. Yesterday is yesterday. Let’s face the future instead.

That’s my answers and I love all these questions. Thank you, Sam.
Have a great weekend my friends and stay sober (lol)


  1. I agree with you, find a friend that is not so easy, not every person we meet could become our bestfriend.

    My husband is my best of the bestfriend because I can't hide any secret from him.

    Hope our husband could be our bestfriend forever ;D


  2. Yep- forgot about the old eye glasses.

    Have a great day!


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