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Aug 9, 2010

Imitating The Korean Artists

I have a teenage niece who has grown up from a cute, chubby amiable and cheerful little girl into a stolid, thin and solitary teenager. I noticed this change one day and realize that my sweet chubby niece is no longer here and I must be familiar with this new young girl who always chooses to hang out with her teenage friends rather than stay at home and watching TV with her own parents like she usually did.
One thing that I noticed the most is how she picked her fashion style. I know that teenagers right now certainly have a different taste about fashion than my own taste few years a go when I was still a teenager. Most of teenagers in here nowadays are fans of Korean dramas such as Boys Before Flower. In this drama, almost the entire male casts look like girls from their hairstyle and their outfits while the girls wear a peculiar different style that has been considered to be the Korean girl style right now which commonly looks a bit messy to me (lol). This niece of mine is one of them and I can see how her mother is so overwhelmed by this.
She refuses to cut her sleek hair in order to look clean and neat like her mom always said. She insists to keep it long until almost covering her two eyes. Maybe she’s trying to imitate one of her favorite Korean actress who commonly has a long wavy black hair. Well, it will work if only she has that actress’s beautiful hair complete with her own her stylist right? But if you only do your own hair at home then you can’t expect it to be as perfect as those you watched on TV. My niece’s hair is so thin and looks oily all the time. That’s why her mother pushed her to cut it out with a bob style. It will give her a fresh and younger look. She refused it and even cried and hides herself in her bedroom when her mom forced her to visit a hair saloon.
Teen girls are growing up much too quickly right now and they aware of fashion in a very young age don’t you think? They already pick their own choice about fashion and don’t care if their parents look at them with glaring in their eyes. And they usually make their choice based on their favorite movie or singers for this. And after this fashion stuff the next thing that always following is the dating stuff (lol) It’s hard to be a teenager’s parents right now huh?

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