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Aug 3, 2010

Don't Be Sarcastic

Do you enjoy sarcastic humors about other people or maybe about your own life? Well, I certainly don't. I hate knowing how people actually tend to hurt somebody else’s heart by making some kind of mean joke. If you have a problem with some else then go straight to meet them face to face then you can express your feeling directly and about how you hate them. It sounds brave huh? But if you feel like you don’t have guts to do so, its better for you to stay silent and stay out of them so that you will spared from any intention to kick someone in the ass.
In my opinion, sarcastic humors is meaningless. If you tend to use it just to hurt somebody else’s heart who apparently hurt you first, then why bother to make a mean humor about it? Just tell them how your feelings directly and face the consequences. Because somehow sarcastic humors will only just make you look like a coward who has no guts to face other people who offended you at the first place. And all you can do is just grumbling or try to hurt them back by making fun of it (which is not funny at all)?
If you try to use sarcastic humors as a media to deliver your opinion about your dissatisfactions to your country, then it will be meaningless also. It won't make you get the answers to your dissatisfaction right away after you made a rude humor about it. Opinions or complains that have been delivered politely in a proper manner tend to gain more attention better than the rude ones.
If you use sarcastic humors just to find a relief for your unfortunate life, then you’re making a fool of yourself. Sarcastic humor tends to bring you down due to its negative influence meanwhile a constructive humor will help you fix your self esteem and positive influence. So why choose the bad humor while you can use good humors (the real humors!) to make you laugh and see this world in a better point of view then?

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