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Aug 12, 2010

A Face For Radio

I kinda need so many fresh new ideas for my blog. I'm stuck right now (lol) So I think this meme will be s great option today. Let's enjoy it.
1. What radio personality bothers you the most?
The loud one I suppose. Do you know what I hate about radio? I hate to hear the radio announcer’s voice in the middle of my favorite song, talking about something that’s totally useless at that time. That’s why I don’t listen to the radio anymore. I prefer to listen to a CD instead.

2. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive?
No one knows for sure, I guess. Coz we don’t know how bad the situation you will face. But everyone will give their best to survive.

3. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he was married and neither her S/O nor yours would never know, might you to the deed?
I will definitely not. I’m a loyal wife and I love my husband with all my heart. So even if there’s another man is pursuing me, I won’t give him a chance at all.

4. Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
I’d like to be pursued I think. I’ve never been pursuing anyone so far.

5. Use three words to describe yourself.
Family girl, friendly, humorous.

6. If Berleen was on a camping trip, do you thing she’d attract grizzlies?
It’s the grizzly itself that scare of her the most I guess (lol)

7. Do you think more about the past, present or future?
Wise men say: look backward to see how far you’ve gone but look forward to get something new and better. We can be focus on present but we still need to learn from the past in order to get a better future.

8. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing, other than family or pets, that you grabbed?
First I will grab my glasses (lol) then my cell phone and important documentation. If I still had a chance I will grab my wallet too.

9. Was your mom a cheerleader?
No, I don’t think so. Cheerleader is not something familiar with her and her school mates those years.

10. Was your dad a jock?
I don’t know. I’ll ask him about this as soon as possible.

11. Bud’s been gone a while. Do you think he will return or shut down that Googled Warned blog?
I guess he will just shut down that blog and make a fresh new one instead.

12. What’s your favorite junk food?
Pizza..pizza…and pizza *grin*

13. Do you believe in reincarnation?
Absolutely not. I believe that every soul goes straightly towards the Heavenly Father after their death and stays there.

Have a great Thursday there...



  1. loved your answers especially #7.
    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Beautiful header pics.! I am so with you on grabbing my glasses, totally forgot that one, smart woman thou art ;)


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