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Aug 18, 2010

Hello E!

This is my E for this week's entry (lol) Can you find my E?


  1. vivid demonstration,
    I am glad to read you today!

  2. Hope it wasn't serious. The ER is for the really sick and injured, when possible.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. I found your E, but, hope I never have to find it in real life. Cute choice for E day.

  4. Oh oh looks like inside the Emergency room people are packed. Hope nothing bad is happening in there. And also I spotted the E ^_^ Happy Wednesday!
    ABC Wednesday~E

  5. Glad its an exhibition with all that crowd. The real ones are best not entered.

    ABC Wednesday Team

  6. I too hope this was not a true life scene... But it certainly is a dramatic one one ABC Letter "E".


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