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Aug 5, 2010

My Dear Genie

Have you ever written a letter to a genie before? Hahaha.. I haven't yet but I kinda like it. So, today I will write a letter to a genie about my three wishes as it's a genie's job to fulfill any kind of wishes right? Like the Aladin or Genie did in the movie (lol). But this is a kind of letter that I will never send just like those letter for Santa Claus in North Polk.
And because this letter is intended to a genie, you don't have to feel surprised when you find out about my three wishes (lol). Remember, a genie can fulfill your every wishes. So, don't think much just write down three selfish, impossible wishes and pretend that a genie will come and read your wishes through his/her laptop as well (lol)

My dear genie,

I have three wishes for you right now. Actually, I have a lots of wishes but since you insist to fulfill only three of them I try to pick the best three of them.
1. I wish you could share your flying carpet with me which I can use every time I want .
Well, maybe you could do some improvements here and there to make that flying carpet as comfortable as it can be. I need a flying carpet with a roof to prevent sun heating; with four walls as protection from the wind; with air conditioner system inside complete with a snack bar and a comfy couch. Also since I'm going to take my entire family with me, we will need a bathroom inside. Just because your flying carpet is free,doesn't mean that we can't have a pleasant flight, right?

2. I wish you could arrange a trip go around the world in 30 days for my entire family, genie.
I always want to go to see the North Polk. I also want to be on top of Mount Everest for at least 15 minutes and see this world from the highest place. Then take me to The Great Wall in China. It will be awesome to watch the wall from the sky. And don't forget to take me to the top of Burj Al Arab in Dubai. That build always looks amazing. I will talk directly to you for the details, okay?

3. And the most important wish from me is you need to take care of us all along the journeys. You must supervise everything yourself to make it happen. We want pleasant and save trips. After the last trip, bring us home safely and do come back again here once in a year. We always want several fabulous, exciting vacations every year especially when we don't need to spend money for it. We rely on your for this, genie.

And that's all I'm asking you for now. I'm sure you can fulfill all those three wishes for me since you are a genie. Can't wait to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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  1. Great post. Thanks for joining. I would also like to travel, let's hope a genie reads our letters.


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