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May 23, 2010

Who Judge Who?

How does it feel to have such a power to punish every criminal in this world with your own hands, fellas? Some of those criminal are manage to escape the law by hiring a brilliant defender who able to deflect every evidence easily. I mean, wouldn’t it be better if those bad people just banished along with their crimes?

You must be wondered where and how I got that wicked thought (lol). Well, I was watching a television serial on my cable TV, Dexter. Some of you may also like this serial like I do. He is a man who chooses to kill every criminal he knows, secretly. He considers himself as this world’s hero for what he’s done.

Actually, I’m not talking about Dexter here. I want to talk about the power he has. First, I think I would be happy if someone voluntarily takes the duty to eliminate every bad people in this world. It will make this world safer for our kids in the future. As you may see, lots of criminal keep doing their crimes back right after they got free from jail. Wouldn’t it be better if they just dead by someone who hate the crimes they’ve done just like Dexter did?
But, after a moment, I realize that Hitler did the same thing like Dexter. He killed millions of people just because he considered they’re all criminals. Then who will be the judge for himself? Who will be the judge for Dexter? People can’t be God. We’re all at the same position here, equal. Even God Himself made His own decision about this, apparently. And killing criminal is not one of His agenda; otherwise we all soon find this globe empty, right?

But still the fact that those bad people still have chance to walk away freely makes me crazy. So, what do you think, guys?


  1. I recently watched news on television about the community in a village that killed a family because the family was accused of keeping "a ghost". People felt they had done the right thing by killing the family.

    But in my opinion, the best way to punish criminals by the law, but it must be backed by a fair and honest officer, not matrealistis.

    If indeed we want to be law enforcers, begin by advising good things to people around You. Spread the love ;-)

  2. Bad people is always around us... though we'd love to see them die... it's against any kind of law to be a judge by ourselves... because we have our own concepts about the truth ... which is different one to another... Even the state's laws have weaknesses to prevent crime... if there's no witnesses and/or evidence, then the case is closed... Okay sis, thanks for the info... it's a topic that invites us to think deeper... success to you ... and have a nice weekend too... see yaaa

  3. I love Dexter. The way he cut hes victim is a masterpiece.
    Hitler's holocaust has mark the century's history. Let God be the judged what have happened during that time


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