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May 21, 2010

Bad World Out There

Beware of the negative effect of Facebook, parents. Especially for you who have teenage daughters out there. There’ve been some talks about how Facebook has become the media for pimps to search for their new victims. So many young girls have fallen and trapped while their parents have no idea about what is going on.

Facebook can be a perfect media for some bad girl to gain attentions. They can easily display themselves in Facebook albums and communicate with the mashers. Sometimes, this young girl will use a very sexy outfit for this. Or in a different story, pimps own their Facebook accounts. Then the girls will act as their friends. The mashers can choose one of the pimp’s friend lists easily. The transaction will be held online. After finishing the payment (usually by transferring some money to the pimp’s account), the masher can meet the girl directly. But the worst part of all is that these bad girls can either persuade or trap other girls to follow their paths. So, you won’t realize that your nice and smart girl has turn into a naughty girl one day. It sounds really horrible, isn’t it?

Once again, internet can be very useful for us but in some other ways, it can also destroy our lives. Imagine what will those parents feel when they found out that their cute daughters have a secret side job.

As parents, we must know whatever our kids doing in virtual world. If we can’t forbid them from having a Facebook account, at least we can control their friend’s lists. Parents should know the password to their kids’ Facebook accounts so that they can access it easily everywhere. And when parents found out something weird, a prevention act can be taken right away.

And for all of you beautiful young girls out there, watch yourself and asked for helps from your parents right away, especially when someone on the internet harassing you sexually. Or when someone persuades you to find a short cut to gain a lot of money, tell your parents about that. Use the internet for your benefits only. And trust me, there’re lots and lots of people out there who able to harm you even if you don’t realize it.

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