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May 5, 2010

Bad Hair Day Solution

My sister cut her hair yesterday. She wanted to change her daily look by trying a brand new style suggested by a hair stylist. Indeed, the model on that catalog looked fabulous with that hair cut and my sister thought that she might look as great as that model also. So, she accepted the hair stylist’s offer and let him cut her hair yesterday.

Guess what’s happened! Apparently, the result is not as perfect as she expected. Her hair is so thick and hard to control. She looked different in a negative way, even the hair stylist himself look surprised with the result. My sister became furious. She insisted that the hair stylist must do something to fix it. She won’t leave that place with that terrible look. The hair stylist told her to calm down. He told her that he still has a way out to solve this problem and all she needed to do is just sit and wait.
Then, he brings out WEN Haircare by Chaz Dean such as shampoo, styling cream and hair repair mask. First, he rinsed her hair and then applied the styling cream. Wow! She got a different look just in a few seconds. Her new hair cut looks perfect and her hair looks healthy and naturally shiny. I think this WEN Haircare is also suitable for me. I want my hair look as healthy as her hair. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

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