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Dec 2, 2009


The political condition in our country right now is hectic. It’s so bad that we have to deal with such a thing while we should go on with the next plan from our new elected president. Every citizens of a country should expect the best from the current government. But, how can they work properly if they should deal with some serious law issues like we have now? Every body has been too busy to safe their parties, their leaders, their assets and everything except the whole citizens. Apparently they have forgotten about their main duty which is served their country and people.

Becoming a leader of a country is not easy. It’s not easy to deal with people in a huge number such as Indonesia. Maybe that’s why we’re still arguing and fighting for local political issues while other countries have passed that step for a long time. The world now is mostly talking about international issues such human trafficking, global warming and other humanity issues. So, why are we still think locally? It’s maybe because our own leaders themselves not think globally either. We need to find a good leader who can bring this country step forward and start thinking about other crucial issues better than busy fighting each other for local political issues only.

I think, if this condition doesn’t change is a short time; there will be a massive chaos happen real soon. People are sick of these unsolved political issues while they should fight for their own daily life. The government is more concern about how to save the political ideas better than how to serve the country through economic issues or social issues. There are a lot of people who can not buy anything for food because everything has become so expensive these days. There are a lot of people who lack of jobs and turn to become a criminal and attack other people for their money. There are a lot of children who can not have a proper education because they do not have a school building and even a teacher for that. I think, those issues are more urgent than mocking other party’s idealisms.

Well, this is just a muse from an ordinary citizen anyway. Perhaps the leaders in the parliament have their own agendas about this country. I can only hope that those agendas are really mean to help the whole citizens in my country instead of entertain a small group of selfish people who considered their selves capable of leading a huge country like Indonesia. All we need is a country who can provide the best thing for the citizen. A place where people can always work for their life; a place where children can have a good school and a lot of credible teachers and a place where anyone will not starving because foods are available everywhere. Is this utopia?

If so, then why citizens such as in Brunei and Switzerland can have all those dreams anyway? What’s the different between them and Indonesia? Well, the different is about the leadership I think. Once again this is just a muse.


  1. i agree with you; i think if you are able to see the big picture, your leaders should definitely be able to! Good post!

  2. Wow, it's a great topic, Risma... I admire your critical thinking! What happens now in our country is truly tiring my mind. When can we be a prosperous country if the our politics elite are always busy with their own agendas?


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