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Sep 3, 2009

Magnificent Traditional

I found several unique traditional wedding dresses from five Asian countries. Those wedding dress are really magnificent as I wrote and explain it here. Now I would like to share you some pictures of Batak wedding dresses here. I have wedding pictures of four tribes here in North Sumatera. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Let me start with the wedding dress from my own tribe, Batak Toba. This is exactly like the wedding dress I was wearing on my wedding day. Kebaya is one of fashion icon in Batak tradition. The bride usually uses the off white color but some choose the golden one. And the pair is called songket. Some brides may choose to use ulos instead of songket, but for me I choose songket. As for the groom, he just uses a simple coat and ulos on his shoulder.

I like this Tapanuli Selatan wedding dress a lot because it has so many accessories for the bride. The head accessories are the main icon of this traditional wedding dress. Both bride and groom are using the same unique head accessories. Aren’t they looking great?

Just like Tapanuli Selatan,  Karo traditional wedding dress is also famous for its head accessories, especially for the bride. Her head accessory is made from ulos that has been shaped in a certain way and filled with papers or stuffs. So that it will look full and big. For the groom accessory is also made from the same kind of ulos. As you can see, the Karo people love the red color.

You will find this Simalungun’s traditional wedding dress  has a unique head accessory too. It also made from ulos, just like Karo, but they do not fill it with anything inside. They just make a certain shape and then place it on the bride’s hair using some clip so it won’t fall apart. And they also love the red color.

So what do you think of all that wedding dress. I love those wedding dress especially from my own tribe. You know, the idea of writing this into my blog is come from the movie I wrote in my film blog. I think that people should respect and proud of their traditional wedding dresses. Because many young people nowadays are choosing the European ball gowns for their wedding parties and they refuse to use their own traditional wedding dress just for a reason: the think that traditional dresses are too conservative. But I can tell you that they are so wrong!


  1. there are complete batak tribe wedding dress. :D

  2. Wowow how beautiful dresses... Can i wear that also even if im not from your country?heheh

    thanks mommy

  3. These dresses are all beautiful! Everyone should cherish the traditions of her country and not be ashamed to wear what her tribe has worn for years. These are equally beautiful to the European gowns.

  4. In my opinion, women look more beautiful in traditional dresses.I feel beautiful when I'm wearing kebaya...
    I mostly like to see Tapsel wedding dress!


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