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Sep 11, 2009

Teach Our Toddlers About Hygiene

My daughter, Asha, is two years old. When I read a parenting-magazine yesterday, I found an article about two year’s old toddlers article inside. The article said that two years age is the perfect age for parents to teach their toddlers about hygiene.
First of all, parents must start to train their toddlers about toilet-training on this age. They need to know that they are big enough to leave their diapers and learn to use the toilets. Due to this new learning process, we also must teach them about the differences about “clean” and “less clean” as well. Toddlers need to be assured that less clean is not enough and they must learn how to keep themselves clean after they finished in the toilet unless they will get sick.
The next thing we need to teach them is about washing their hands before and after touching any kind of foods. Explain to them the reason why they need to do this and the consequences they will get if they ignore it as well. They also need to learn about when and how to brush their teeth well. They need to brush their teeth at least twice a day. It’s in the morning after they wake up and in the evening before they go to sleep. Some other parents ask their kids to brush their teeth every time they finished with their meal. It means more then twice a day. This is a good habit as well.
The reason why we as parents need to do all of these is because when toddlers do this hygiene lesson regularly in their homes, they will consider this as a habit and become so familiar with it. They will understand about hygiene and how to keep themselves clean even when their parents are not around.

And the bottom line about this hygiene lesson is “expansion”. Toddlers must understand about toilet training; how to wash their hands or brush their teeth and make it all as daily habits. It will improve their abilities and self-supports. And two years old age is a perfect time for this since two years old toddlers are usually welcome every new experiences enthusiastically.
The awareness about hygiene is also need to be made as a matter of routine, including for parents themselves. When our kids see us do this good habit in our daily life, they will follow us and do the same as well. Remember, kids are always imitate their parents on every thing, right?


  1. wow very nice and usefull information...hmmpp very cute daughter u have,

    thanks for the info sis...

  2. It is very important to teach our kids proper hygience at a young age that way when they grow up, all of it would be as natural as breathing, they won't feel like brushing the teeth and washing the hands are tasks to be done. Thanks by the way Ris, for the comments and the visits to my sites... You have a very adorable little angel too!

  3. Nice post. I totally agree with this. Parents should teach their children about hygiene and build the good habits on it since the early age.

  4. wow, my son is also 2 years old,thanks for this post! very inspiring..from mom to mom tips...
    btw I had just finished posting your game..sorry for the delay...
    btw enjoy the weekend...

  5. mommy please teach me how to hygienize my mind, coz I already contaminated by that silly seo contest called Stop Dreaming Start Action :)

  6. This is a great post. I’m glad it was bumped. Otherwise I would’ve missed these very useful information.



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