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Sep 29, 2009

When fever attacks

Parents always get panic when we find out that our love one’s head is a bit warmer than usual. OMG, she’s having a fever. What should I do? But, we don’t need to worry when this fever attacks. Fever is a sign given by our bodies to tell us that it’s fighting a disease or illness inside. If we have a good immunity, this ‘war’ should end in a short time. But we also can help our bodies by taking a right medicine. But the most important thing we need to know before we give any kind of medicine is that we need to know better about this fever and it’s symptoms first.

Our immunity systems will fight any kind of disease better on a certain temperature. That’s the reason why we get this fever, because body is actively working to chase this disease away on a higher temperature. Body will treat different condition in a different way too. When the air is cold, the veins will shrink into a certain condition in order to reduce the release of body heat inside out. On this situation, body will start to shiver and produce more heat from inside the muscle.

On the other side, when the air is hot, the veins will get wider. So that the sweet gland will start to produce sweat in order to help body cooling the body heat down. In a special case which is when the body has infected by some kind of viruses, the Leukocytes will fight them back. In this process, body will start to increase the heat and we need this heat to slow the virus’ growth down; also to stimulate our immunity system as well. We call this condition as fever.

For the accuracy, we must use a thermometer to get the exact temperature from our bodies. Kids considered having a fever when the temperature has reached more than 37.5°C. Then we can take some medical actions to cure it.

But, before we take our kids to the hospital we can still try to cure it ourselves at home. These are few simple ways that parents can do at home.
First, if the body heat is too high, we need to reduce it by giving our kids a right medicine to reduce fever, such as Paracetamol.
Second, we can also reduce the heat by placing a wet and cold towel on our kid’s forehead.
We must prevent the fever from getting higher and higher because it can damage the kid’s brain in the future.

We must understand that medicine to reduce fever is not work to cure the fever itself. It can only help the body to decrease the heat and help kids to feel more comfortable. So, make sure we use it wisely and find the right medicine to cure the fever right away.

The main effect of fever actually is dehydration; when body start to sweat and urinate a lot. To prevent this, we need to make sure that our kids have enough water or milk during fever. We can also give them some soup or any other gravy foods.

Body releases sweat and urine to reduce the body heat back to normal. But don’t forget to change the wet clothes right away to prevent kids from shivering back.

You may not find this information as a new one. But I think its worth to write on. Because the more we know about fever and the symptoms, the more we as parents learn about how to prevent and cure it as well. No more panic because we already know what to do when this fever attacks. Get well soon, dear.


  1. Very informative pretty mommy! It's true, we have to administer more liquids to our kids to prevent dehydration...

  2. You're right, Risma. This topic is worth to write on and I like to read it because fever can attack suddenly. We must know what we should do to face it...


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