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Sep 9, 2009

Indonesian Blogger Award

I got another award yesterday. This award came from a new friend I have in this [cyber world] whose name is Piter. Actually he gave this award for my Indonesian blog. But I choose to display it here since I saw several Indonesian’s blogs have taken and put this award nicely and I can not make any difference from their blogs then. Suddenly a new idea comes up in my head. Why don’t I put this Indonesia Award on my English blog. I have several foreign friends there and I would love to share something about my country with them. What do you think?

I can tell you that I am really bad on creating poetry. I really am. So I decide to browse in the internet and search for a good poetry about Indonesia there. It’s not as easy as I thought before. Because I must choose a right kind of poetry that can describe something about Indonesia while most of the poet I found is about love and romance. Pphhyuuhhh….

Finally, I made up my mind for this poetry. This is the best I can find during my research. I think that’s enough for I don’t think I could ever find a perfect poetry to describe my great-great Indonesia anyway. So I hope you enjoy it.

The Meaning of Independence
The word of Freedom
The wish of all Indonesians
Who want to be free of the shackle of colonialism

For three hubdred and fifty years my people
were oppressed, tortures and dashed by the waves of exploitation
Unequal, powerless, that's how we felt

Fifty six years passed by
I am asking my nation
What have you achieved in the nature of Independence
Is that freedom? justice, safety or prosperity?

The word of freedom
No end, no distance

We Indonesians must make an effort
Struggle to maintain that freedom
No other choice, we have to keep going forward
To stop or retreat means we will be ruined

by Herman Kamra
Ashfield, Sydney, August winter time, 2001. The meaning of Independence for the nation of Indonesia, on the 56th Anniversary Day. This poem is to be read at the Theatre in Parliament House Sydney NSW.

Well, I need to tag this award back to some other friend. But I need some more time to think about this since before. So for this time, I hope you enjoy reading the poetry above.


  1. A good poetry with very meaningful words.

  2. wow what a lovely poetry and meaningful words. Thanks for sharing this to us my friend..

    Hugs and take care..


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