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Sep 24, 2009

Lovely Marks Of Pregnancy

I still can remember every change I had during my pregnancy time about 2.5 years ago. There are a lot of uncomfortable changes that happen to a pregnant woman during her pregnancy, especially in the last three months.

The first thing I can remember is the skin’s change. Of course every pregnant woman has her own kind of skin change and you can not find the exactly similarities between two pregnant women. But there is a same reason among all of these women that I could happen due to the change of certain hormone from the beginning of pregnancy time.

First, we have Melasma or Kloasma.
We can find some dark-brown spots around the cheeks, noses, foreheads and chins of some pregnant women. Some also call this symptom as “Mask of Pregnancy” because it only appears during pregnancy times and disappears soon after the delivery. We can use certain kind of cosmetics to hide this spots but we need to make sure that those creams or cosmetics are totally safe for the baby inside the womb.

The second, we also have acnes.
A pregnant woman tends to have an oily and sensitive skin also. So, do not forget to clean your face after wearing make-up or any other kind of cosmetics especially after you do some activities out side the house. If you find those acne has become worse, you can ask your obstetrician to give you a special kind of medicine that suitable and safe for pregnant woman. Avoid using a general medicine because it may harm your baby inside and consume more fruits and vegetables to get more of vitamin C.

The last one is stretch marks.
I really hate this one because it usually become so itchy and you can stop your arms from scratching your belly. This can cause many ugly scratch marks on your skins. I still have some of those marks on my belly right now .
Those silvery lines usually appear on our belly during pregnancy because the skin must stretch itself up to accommodate the size of your belly that grows bigger every time. You can also find it somewhere around your thighs and breasts as well. I can show you a picture I found from the internet. As you can see, her belly is full of stretch marks already. I bet she feels itchy too around there.

Actually, there is no perfect solutions to prevent or even to cure this marks and make them vanished for good. They will always stay there for the rest of your life. Well, maybe you can try to hide it by doing cosmetics-surgery or a laser treatment. But these can not erase those marks perfectly also. They’re still there hiding in a different color. For me myself, I accept those marks and still keep them as a sign of that amazing pregnancy time I had, when you carried a tiny human being inside you all the time. If you do not care about losing your hip silhouette and your ankle as well, then why bother about some marks that actually hidden behind your shirt anyway?

But there are still some clues to prevent those marks which you can do along your pregnancy time. You can start by maintain your weight well. You can also maintain your skin’s moist by applying moisturizing creams or olive oil especially on your belly. It can also reduce the itchy sensation and prevent you to scratch your skin as well. This is important if you don’t want those marks stay on your skins forever. And I can tell you that it’s not easy. You can not defeat the temptation to scratch your belly all the time. And that is why I also scratch a lot

But it’s all worth it. Because soon you will have your baby in your arms and forget about those marks somehow. And like I said before, who cares about those marks? I can keep them as signs of memories from my pregnancy times, right? And that’s all for now. Next time we will talk about the changes we have around feet and legs.


  1. hmm..those stretch marks are precious memories of those wonderful pregnancy moments...
    should be proud of them...LOL

  2. Hello ris! I love this article, it really talks about the fact of pregnancy, we can't dodge the bullet of stretch marks.. I have my share of it too...

  3. I call my stretch marks my warrior marks ris! To put a positive note on the dark lines that I got when I was pregnant...

  4. Thanks for sharing this info, Risma. With all these lovely marks, I think pregnant women are still sexy and beautiful...


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