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Sep 18, 2009

Shy Kids A-Z

A shy kid usually rejects any kind of attention they got from other people; act cowardly and hard to trust anyone else. She/he chooses to shy away from everything outside her/his little world. This is not a good behavior and can also affect their characters when they grow up in the future. I think we as parents need to know more of this behavior and try to find a clue in order to help our kids from their shy-world for good.

There are a few reasons why our kids become so shy, parents.
The first reason is perhaps our kids are only having some insecurity feelings that they usually get when they enter a new area or a new condition. That is nothing wrong with this feeling. Some kids can get around on a new area so easily while some others find it so hard. As long as they can learn and try to get around then parents have nothing to worry about. It’s only a matter of time before they could mix with the new area. And when they can place themselves in the new area, soon the shy behavior will vanish itself.

The second reason is because sometimes we as parents have become so over protected to our children. I know a woman who always scream at her boy telling him no to touch anything or not to do anything. I can understand her feeling a little bit because sometimes I have the same feeling also. It’s the feeling we have as parents who want to prevent our kids from doing something that could harm themselves. And this is a natural feeling. There is nothing wrong with it. But what we should analyze here is that kids always attract to something new and they do this based on their curiosities. And in the end, these trial and error activities will teach them something new. So, parents need to give their kids some spaces to explore and to learn. We can watch them in the process to prevent any bad thing happen but we should avoid being so over protected.

The other reason why our kids become so shy is because sometimes parents always criticize them a lot. The expert said that too much critics could kill our kid’s self-confidence. This lack of confidence can lead her/him to become a shy kid and afraid of doing anything. They have a feeling that somehow they will make something wrong and get criticized by their moms and dads. Finally, they choose to hide in their own worlds and not doing anything at all. And the worst thing is about to happen because in the end the can not choose which one is right and which one is wrong because they are too afraid to try on.

The next important reason is “bullying”. Parents should be aware with this situation.
Lots of kids nowadays find it’s really fun to bully other kids in their neighborhoods.
 Those bad kids usually choose a certain kind of kids to bully on, like the weak one or the calm one. These bullies can bring a bad effect on their victims. They can become so introvert and turn to be cowards. In some case the experts find that the victims can also turn to be so rude and bad to other kids themselves.

So parents need to pay a deep attention to our kids’ behaviors. If we notice any differences, we need to ask them wisely about what’s happened to make sure that they do not experience any bullies from their other friends. And if they do, parents should find a way out of this problem as soon as possible because these bullies can also damage our kids’ characters in the future.

The last reason is that kids can also imitate this shy behavior from their own environments. For example, if one happy-cheerful little girl spends most of her time playing with several other sad-gloomy little girls, then sooner or later she herself will become a sad and gloomy little girl too. Why so? Because all of her friends are so gloomy then she will find a way to get connect with her gloomy friends well. It’s by making herself a gloomy one as well. If she plays with several shy-girls then she will turn to be a shy girl too. And remember, kids can also find this shy behavior from their parents also. A shy mom can not tell her kids to be brave and cheerful kids, right? So, parents themselves need to make sure that they’re not shy parents as well. If we act brave and full of smile, then our kids will imitate it and become so brave and full of smiles themselves.

This is a general clue that parents can use to get away from this problem. We can take our kids to some activity-groups out there. Such as dancing, singing, music, etc. Let them study and play with lots of kids on their own age. This can increase their self-confidences because they can also learn about social life and friendship there. And they will find that there are so many things to explore out there, so many friends to make, so many games to play on and so many things to learn about. And they don’t need to be shy and stay in a gloomy world. All they need is learn to face this world.


  1. HI! thank u so much for the bday greetings for my father. keep in touch!

  2. Great post, Risma... It's very useful for parents!

  3. Thanks for this post ris.. It's always important to teach kids to be assertive and confident... It will help them when they grow up...


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