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Nov 11, 2009

For A Healthier Generation

Do you still consider a chubby fat little kid really look adorable? I sometimes love to see a chubby rosy cheek of a little girl who’s running around with her big belly. She looks so funny. Meanwhile, that condition doesn’t bring any good to her when she grows up a few years later.

These days the amount of toddlers and kids with a weight problem has increased from years to years. The habit of having junk foods and unhealthy life styles has believed to be the main cause of this situation. Pizzas, fried chickens, chips and stuffs have always been in the top ten choices of toddlers and teenagers’ lists of foods. On the other side, technology has also given many advantages for them so that they can almost reach every thing they need from their chairs. They have remotes to switch the television channels. If they like basket ball, they can also find an online game of basket ball on the internet anytime they like.

When they grow up, they will start to feel that their over weight problems has hampered them in their daily activities. And they may also have several serious health problems due to their obesity. That’s why they will try many instant and dangerous ways to reduce their weights in a short time. Such as stop consuming a certain kind of food that may danger their bodies or even choose to stop eating at all and become Anorexia.

Lots of these kids and teenagers are having psychology’s problems due to their obesity. This can lead them to commit a suicide if they don’t find a way out soon, especially those who have been bullied by their friends in school just because they look different from their other friends.

Actually, parents can do something to prevent this situation from getting worse from time to time. Parents can be the best nutritionists for their own kids and control their every day meals. Let’s start to think about quality and not only quantity here. A perfect meal served in a perfect portion is all we need. There have been some researches which come with the same result in the end. It’s much easier to control weight on kids than teenagers. A healthy and proportional weight toddler tends to become a healthy and proportional weight teenager also in the future.

A chubby fat kid is not enough. It does not guarantee the kid to be healthy as well. Is fact, obesity has always become the cause of many diseases nowadays. A proportional weight will help kids to become more active, healthier, focus and of course good self esteem.

It can be started from taking a right portion of meal everyday. Give a healthy diet according to their ages and weights. This can prevent them from having weight problems in the future. We are all want the best for our kids.

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  1. Interesting post,Risma. For healthier generation, every parents should become the best nutritionist for their own children....


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