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Nov 30, 2009

The Hill Resort, Sibolangit

We spent last Thursday in a resort. It’s a holiday and we want to refresh our minds, bodies and souls after living in a hectic world on our daily routines. The name of the place is The Hill Resort, Sibolangit. Just like its name, this resort is up on a cold foggy hill. The place is wonderful.

That’s also the first time for me to see a couple of black swans which swimming around. I can also find the white swans and a couple of ducks there. The pool is quite big and has a lot of fishes on it.

The main concept of this resort is nature. And that’s why we choose this place. We love to walk around or sitting in the gazebo surrounded by the pool with swans swimming all over. I really love this place. Here are some pictures of us on vacation.

(The first black swans I've ever saw. Poor me.. ^^)

(Walking around after having breakfast. My most favorite picture ^^)

(On one windy afternoon)

(A few minute after breakfast)

(In the swimming pool.. Let's go swim)

(Ordering some snacks from the gazebo. Asha is looking at the swans)

(One perfect view. See the hills over there?)

(seeking for beautiful fishes...)

I hope we have a chance to see this place again next time...


  1. Mommy,
    This resort is so beautiful! It seems like you and your family had a relaxing and peaceful time! My thanksgiving was wonderful. I'm glad to go back to the normal routine now, though. Did you know a red door is a Chinese tradition? It represents welcoming prosperity into your home. I painted my front and back doors red!

  2. Wow! It's so nice there Ris, I could tell.. Asha seems to be enjoying herself. Thanks for the visit dear. How are you?


  3. Your little girl looks like she is having a great time! Beautiful place!


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