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Nov 3, 2009

Herbs For Cancer Therapy

Cancer has killed millions of people nowadays. It can happen to anyone. The abnormally swollen cells can spread to all over the body except hair and nails so fast. But there is an herbal therapy that can be used along with medical treatment for cancer patients.

These are several kinds of herb plants that can be used for herbal therapy to cure cancer. I want to share this information with you out there.
First, Acanthus Ilicifolius

The leaves has dark green color and and long shape. The seeds, leaves and roots are used to cure lever cancer. Put some dry roots into boiling water for a moment and you can drink it. You can also use the leaves and eat them with no-fat meat.

Second, Typhonium Flagelliforme

The leaf has a heart shape and has a light green color. All parts of this plant can be use to for cancer therapy. Boil the tuber part for a moment and drink the water can also hamper the spread of cancer cells and help reduce the chemotherapy’s side effects. But pregnant women should avoid using this plant for therapy because it can danger your pregnancy.

Third, Piper Crocatum

There is a little pink touch on the leaf’s surface side by side with the dark green part. Boiled the leaves and drink it can be used to cure liver cancer just like Acanthus Illcifolius. Some people also blend the leaves and drink it as fresh juice.

Forth, Selaginella Doederleinii

This plant can be use as herb treatment to reduce fever, toxic, cancer and reduce swollenness. It has tiny pointed leaves with light green color. This can be used as therapy for womb cancer and lung cancer. Boiled the root part of this plant and drink it regularly. This part consist of saponin, alkaloid and phytosterol

Sure these plants can not replace the medical treatment of course, but still can be used as a side therapy for cancer patients. And I hope you find this information useful.


  1. Wonderful article on herbs for cancer therapy.I found this website useful for Herb Gardening tips http://www.herbgardeningtoday.com. I think you guys will find it interesting too.

    Kim - Herb garden plants

  2. Great post, Risma, it's so useful. I prefer herbs medicine, too.

  3. Hi Ris! How are you? It's been a long time since I have heard from you...


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