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Oct 22, 2009

High Heel Pregnancy

I read a magazine yesterday and found some funny pictures there that I want to share here with you. Unfortunately, I can not include one of those pictures here for you to see and I can not find one on the website either. But don’t worry; I can explain those pictures here for you. The theme is about some cute and pretty dresses for pregnant women. The pictures displayed three models as pregnant women wearing short gown, short skirt and high heels. Due to this, I think I want to discuss about “inconsistency” here.

I truly agree that those dresses are fascinating that even an un-pregnant women herself would love to wear one of those clothes. But, I really amazed to see those “pregnant women” wearing high heels. Wow! I can not imagine the pain I get if I use high heels during my pregnancy.

Those models don’t have swollen ankles also. Where will you find a woman carrying a baby in her big belly but still have her beautifully shape ankle anyway? Tell me. The other weird things I found is that their bellies are the only parts of their body that look big. No big arms, no swollen leg, no swollen noses, no big breasts, nothing. They look just like fairies on their pregnancy time. Imagine a big belly on a slim shaped woman. Can it be real?

In my opinion, if designers want to sell special clothes made for pregnant women, then they should use the real pregnant women as their models also. Do not cheat your readers by displaying a few slim shaped models with big pillows on their bellies just to make them pregnant alike. That’s not consistent. Everyone knows that those slim shaped models will look great on any kind of clothes anyway. The problem is, will it look great too on real pregnant women? No one can ever tell if you don’t use them as your models, right?

So, please be consistent. Use a proper models for you clothes theme.

Pregnancy clothes are fit for pregnant women also. Leave those stretch small size clothes for the slim shaped un-pregnant models anyway.

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  1. Girl, i think these pictures must be touched up or something. I don't know anybody who looks like this at 7 months pregnant. LOL!


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