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Aug 24, 2009

Do Something!!!

Again and again Malaysia claims one of Indonesian’s culture heritages as theirs. This time they choose “Tari Pendet” from Bali

just like they claimed “Reog Ponorogo”

as one of their original culture a few months ago. Before that, they already claimed Batik

and “Rasa Sayange song” as their own. It seems to me like they keep continuing to seek other Indonesian cultures to be claimed again.

How can they do such a thing over and over again? I can not see any real positive responses from our authority about this reality. They don’t seem to care about losing many of our precious culture heritages after all. When there were many protests already showed up in every mass media due to this problem, the authority chooses to deal with this problem silently. What is wrong with you all?

We lost out ancestors’ precious gifts one by one and you still can put a big smile on your face and say that every thing is going to be okay. Even a teenager can see that nothing is okay with this situation. It makes me sick to read so many Indonesian blogger articles contain of mockery to Malaysia when we can make friends in this cyber world. I find this situation can make conflicts among bloggers themselves, because some of those articles were so provocative. Don’t you guys feel the same with me too?

This situation must be stopped. I am sure that either Indonesia or Malaysia can figure out a best solution for this problem. Malaysia MUST STOP claiming Indonesian’s culture heritages as it’s own. We call that STEAL! I am sure that your country has so many different precious kinds of cultures too. Use them instead. You should not claim other country’s culture just because you find them interesting and precious. I suppose you’re still having your dignity, right?

And for Indonesia authority itself, I think they should make a good inventory about our every culture assets as soon as possible, to prevent this kind of problem in the future again. Stop showing that big smile on your faces and start to work. If you let this situation go on without any solutions you will find the problem has getting bigger all the time. And it’s your duty to prevent such a thing to happen.

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