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Aug 13, 2009

Tears of Bomber's Mother

Mother of Dani Dwi Permana publicly send her apologize on behalf of her son that had been accused as one of the suicide bombers in Jakarta a few days ago. It’s sad to see a mother’s tears falling down because of what her kid’s had done. I’m sure that she has given every thing she could to raise her son in a good way and hope that someday he can be a loving person and have a good life in the future. It must hurt her very much when she must look at her son’s dead body.

What were those bombers thinking? Don’t they ever think about their families they left behind? Don’t they ever thing that their actions will hurt their own family too? A mother should cry in happiness when they see their kids have made a good thing in life. She won’t ask much. All that she want is having a peaceful and happy life with her baby that has been grown up a few years later and has a better life and future as well.

What can she expect now from that dead body? She already lost her hope and dreams that someday she could spend her last days with her son because he chooses to leave her first. What kind of son is that?

I think we must think about our relatives before we do something that might cause harm to ourselves or to other people as well. Think about your mother’s tears; think about your brother’s shame, think about your sister’s sadness. Isn’t it meaning something to you?

And if those bombers thought that in the end the terrible thing they’ve done has made them live peacefully in heaven, I think they should think it back. Heaven is not a place for those who made their mothers cried in sadness. Heaven is not a place for those who made the mothers of their victims cried. What kind of heaven is they’re going to anyway? Is that heaven accepting people who feel proud because they can spread other people’s blood? It’s really a weird heaven then if it’s really exists.

I feel sorry for what that mothers must facing up within the couples of days with the title as “terrorist” that have been given to their beloved sons. Poor you, mother. You raised a son that bring you such a sadness that you must carry for the rest of your life. And shame on you, every kids that give nothing but tears to your own mothers.


  1. how bad their children are, a mother still has the heart to forgive and love, but in this case, I'm gonna use it as a lesson----never---ever--neglect the moral training of our children to anyone else!! Our kids will learn best from their own momma!!

  2. When my kids don't behave, my heart hurts so much. I can't imagine how the mother feels ... must be extremely painful!

  3. Mothers do have the responsibility of teaching morals to our kids. Some of us who are not married have the sole responsibility! I say to myself every time I feel lazy, "If you do not teach this to your girls, who will?" The answer is, no one! On the other hand, sometimes even when we do our very best to pass good values to our kids, they are going to screw up. As my kids grow up, I pray to have unconditional love and forgiveness for the mistakes they are going to make. I know I have made my fair share! Great writing!


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