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Aug 6, 2009

Carpe Diem

What will you do if you have a chance to know when and how you’re going to die?

This is the question I ask myself one night, when I saw some body died a few days ago. Will you take that chance right away? For a moment I think, why not?

If only you know when and how you’re going to die; you can use your last days doing every good things that you can ever imagine in your life. You can start helping those who needs help or maybe you will join the charity community for example. You want to use your entire time to make other people happy. Then when your time has come, you can leave this world with a big satisfaction because you already help many people in your life.

You can have another option too. You may spend your last days to have a fancy holiday and use all the money you have for fun. Well, you can not take that money with you when you dead, right? Then you can use that money to travel around the world and stay in a big five stars hotel. Then you can buy all the most expensive things that maybe you can not afford before.

Or maybe you just want to spend more time with you family? Then you fell that you need to quit from your job then choose to stay at home. You play with your children all day long; cook the best food for them; clean your house and stuff. Or maybe you plan to make something special for your husband that will make him remember you after you’re gone; such as a handkerchief with your both names on it maybe.

Then I come up with another question in the end? What is the goal of all that plans anyway?

If I choose to spend my last days doing charity, isn’t means that deep down in my heart I hope that all those people I have will treat me good when I died? That I hope they will pray for me for every good thing that I have done for them? Well, it sounds selfish in the end of the day.

So if I choose to travel around the world and spend all the money I have to buy things that I actually don’t need, isn’t it sounds more selfish to you? I think we should keep our money to help those who will need it after we died. Our kids can use that money for school and stuff, right?

And the last choice, when I choose to spend my last day with my family, I don’t think that I will ever have a quality time with them whatsoever. How can I laugh with my kids when I realize that maybe that is the last time we have for laughing together? How can kiss my husband with love when I realized that maybe that can be our last kiss? No, no, no.

I have an answer now for that question above. Even if I have a chance to know when and how am I going to die, I will let it go and forget it.

I think it will not bring any advantage at all for me to know such a thing. All I need to go on with this life is Carpe Diem. I should enjoy whatever I have right now. I will do charity because I love other people and that’s why I must help those who need my help. I will visit every place that I really can afford to visit. I will use the extra money I have for “me time” in this world without having bankruptcy because of that. And I will always spend more time with my family also. Not because the reality that I am going to die, but because the reality that I’m still alive.

It’s amazing to find what we can do in our life time. Then why bother about our time to die? Do everything in your life like you will live forever then you will enjoy every single minute you have with a smile.

Do not waste your time thinking about when and how you’re going to die. It doesn’t matter if you die one day because every people will die some day; and in the mean time, you really need to live your life.

So, do you still want to know when and how are you going to die?


  1. true true.. i really like your post.. i was actually thinking of this too because of what happened to the late former president cory aquino who just passed away.. she was given a chance to make the most of her remaining days and i too would like the same option so i can share and prepare my loved ones when i pass away..

  2. Friends are like shoes, they come in different sizes & shapes....those that fit just right can make all the difference in your life :)

  3. Curious, sometimes. But knowing exactly 'when and how'? No, thanks. I think I can live my life better without knowing the 'when and how' ;)

  4. carpe diem--enjoying present moments in our life, be grateful for what God has bestowed into our bosom..
    Let me live my life each and every day of it to the fullest!!

    lovely post, Risma!!

  5. Very meaningful post. Sometimes I think about it... Everyday I pray; I hope one day if I have to leave this life for good, I'll leave in a peacefully way.

  6. correct all the time may be utilized for useful things, help each other .. just apply, speak honestly, have very modest ... I moved to read this article .. because I feel my life is not filled with good ...

  7. I really like your blog. Your posts are very meaningful, and I agree with your idea of Carpe Diem. I would not want to know when or how I am going to die, because every day that I live, I am living life to the fullest.

    By the way, thank you for joining and commenting on my blog! I'm following you, too, now!

    Have a wonderful day!


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