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Aug 20, 2009

Go Play With Your Toys

A few days ago, we had to take Asha to a doctor; het body temperature has almost reach 40°C. Actually, she already started to have this fever since last Monday. We thought it might be just an ordinary fever because we took her to swimming pool on Sunday morning.

First I just give her a medicine for fever like Naprex and it usually works on her. But after a few hours, her condition is not getting better. And the worst is happen by 11 PM when her body temperature has almost 40°C, and then I decided to call my husband right away and asked him to come home soon. We must take her to the hospital.

Asha is kind of toddler that never cry on a high fever condition. She just sleep and sometimes talking while sleeping. But I know that something is wrong because I can hear her breathing so fast. We must take her to the doctor or Emergency if we have to.

Then we go to a hospital that night. We realized that we will never find pediatrician in that late time, so we only meet a doctor who in charge in Emergency Room that night. He gave Asha a kind of medicine that must be given through her anus. Sad to see her cried loudly along this process but we must strengthen our hearts for it is the best for her.

We took her home around 1 PM and she began to sweating a lot and that is a good sign. Usually, when the sweats come out and so will the fever. She still gets a fever that night but only around 37°-38°C and we have nothing to worry about.
And thank God for the next morning our daughter condition is getting better all the time. The fever has gone and she can smile again today.

Pyuhh.. All the flusters and fears that we experience that night has blown away. Go play with your toys again, my dear daughter..


  1. What a scary night for you and your baby! You're a great mommy. I'm glad she is doing better.

  2. Glad to now that your sweet little girl can smile again. What a cute picture of her! Keep on smiling and stay healthy, Sweety.

  3. thanks God she's doin' good now...the very same thing happened to our li'l Joshua last April, just a few weeks before his second birthday...
    We went to ER..and of course no pediatrician was available...

  4. Thank God, Asha is getting better soon. What is the cause of her high fever? Send my big hug to your beautiful Asha...


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