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Jul 27, 2009

A Baby Story

Between every couple who choose to marry and spend the rest of their life together, having kids is one of few miracles that they wished to come true. I only say a few of them because not every couple ready for such a responsibility and wishes to be a parent some day. Every body has their own reasons.

For our little family having kid is one of few miracles that God has sent us. Asha has come to us in a very short time.
And by the time we celebrate our first wedding anniversary, she also celebrate it with us.

Many people asked me these questions:
”Wow. You have a daughter in just one year. What’s your secret?”
“Are you visiting a gynecologic for this?”
”Do you have certain kind of food or beverage before?”


Wise men say, every human kind has their own destiny. It’s been our destiny to have a daughter in our first year of married; while few other women is still trying and praying for this. She’s still not pregnant after married in a couple of years; even when she visiting a famous gynecologic for that.

But, can all this effort give you a guarantee for having a baby in a short time? No. I wrote this article because I have a friend who desperate enough about having a baby very soon. She’s been visit and talk about this to many famous gynecologic she known and spend a lot of money for that. But still can’t a way out.
”I’m exhausting. We already try many ways but still don’t see the right answer for what we’re looking for.”

Human can only do the best, and let God do the rest. After all the efforts that we already give for this dream, we must give space for God to show His Mercy. Don’t need to feel desperate. Because desperate is the gate to be frustrated. And this can danger your marriage life.

If we really want to have a baby to pour our love on, we still can adopt other kids from the orphanage for this. Those kids are longing for parents too; just like you’re longing for kids in your house. Why don’t you choose them and love them like your own kids? And you still can pray for God to give you a chance to have your own kids some day.

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  1. Having kids is wonderful as well as tiring. Yes, nobody can push the prayer button and receive an instant result. With or without kids, a marriage is a wonderful thing that can happen to us.


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