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Jul 8, 2009

Could This Skin Care Product Control Your Marriage?

The commercial’s way to introduce new skin care products these days are so petty, in fact they succeed to build a new jargon among young wives:

Do we notice the commercials of women skincare products nowadays, especially skin care products for young wives? I can tell you the first product that represents jargon like that. It’s Ponds Age Miracle. And they use many famous and pretty young women to be their brand ambassadors. Like, Becky Tumewu, and a few others.

And the plot is always the same for these brand ambassadors’ screenplay, it tells us how their husbands were very surprised to see their wives’ ‘changing’. And how that change can make them love their wives even more than usual. The conclusion is that before their wives change their looks; their husbands don’t really care about them because their skins are not flawlessly white and less pretty or even start to have wrinkles.

Like one of their commercials’ screenplay before. When a man (husband) sleeping with his back facing his wife at night. What he wants to say is that he hates to see his wife’s face. But soon after that woman use Ponds Age Miracle every day, slowly but sure, her husband begins to sleep face to face with her. And at the end, they sleep face to face and hold each other’s hand. Hmm... What if that woman doesn’t use Ponds Age Miracle, huh? I bet her husband will leave her very soon.

Then, can you imagine how pathetic this situation is for every wives’ fate, if only this Ponds Age Miracle doesn’t’ exist? That only Ponds Age Miracle that can save their marriage lives. It’s not love, nor respect, nor cares each other or even sacrifices that should come between husband and wife relationship, that can take care of your marriage life. But a skincare product only!

Can you see how petty this jargon is? That your marriage life is depending on a kind of skincare product? If you don’t use a right skin care product to repair your skin soon, your husband will walk away from you. Start by sleeping with his back facing you. At last, he’ll leave you because of your wrinkle!

I find another commercial that use this jargon too, Citra Hand & Body Lotion. And the man who playing the husband’s character says this:
Just because he saw his wife’s back skin which is flawlessly white because she use Citra Hand & Body Lotion every day.

Oh My God...
How petty the husband is and how pity the wife is. Because the husband proud of his wife only if she is flawlessly white all over her body. How poor you all dark skin women. Because according to this jargon, there is no way for any dark skin women can have a chance to be as pretty as light skin women. Can you imagine that?

Women these days are no longer ordinary women. Women these days are smart. So choose the right choice of any product you want to use for skincare, wisely. Don’t use those products which under estimated women’s self-regard and dignity. That, woman without flawlessly white skin could never have a happy married life, if they don’t use a certain kind of product soon. That, every husband in this world only respects their husband if their wives have flawlessly white skin without any wrinkles.

Wives love your body by taking care of it every single day. But don’t let any kind of skincare product controls your marriage life! Husbands love your wives even if they’re not as perfect as those beautiful women that you see on TV. Because they’re not real!

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