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Jul 10, 2009

Dark illegal flying immigrants

Do you recognize a tiny flat bug with disgusting brown colored and usually playing around on dirty places every night? It has six tiny feet and a pair of long tentacles that never stop moving. We’ll notice its present without even see one. How so? Because they smell terrible! Do you have a clue already? The answer is, cockroaches!

Ugh, it makes me nauseated. This dirty bugs are usually have a complete flying armies. So that they can just run away if they saw any signs of human attacks. And they really have a bad navigation tutorial because somehow they can fly and then landed on your hair. Hiiiii....

What a coincidence because yesterday I saw an article about these disgusting bugs. Complete with pictures and explanations about their characters. Officially, there are various kind of cockroach. And two kinds of them can be found in Indonesians houses. The two kinds are: american cockroach (Periplaneta americana) and germany cockroach (Blattela germanica). Its funny when you realized that those stinky ugly bugs’ ancestors are coming from America and Germany.

Each kind of these cockroaches has certain characters of their own.
Periplaneta americana or american cockroach has a big size of body (around 3,5 - 4 cm). Its color is dark brown with a little touch of maroon. It also has a pale brown line on its pronotum. This line makes the cockroach looks like a bold man. They like to be inside the house, especially every places which has high humidity. Such as in the bathroom or under sink. It also likes every place that usually used for food storage, such as in the kitchen as well as in your ceiling. Outside the house, this cockroach loves to hide in ditches.

This article wrote that cockroach usually walk from its nest every night to visit every kitchen which has many food opened. In fact this kind of cockroach also has great flying armies.
A female cockroach can produces up to 10-50 eggs capsule (ootheca). Every ootheca contains about 22-26 eggs. These oothecas are usually placed on the wall or under the table until it hatching.

Meanwhile, Blattela germanica or germany cockroach has a smaller size (only about 1,2 - 1,5 cm). The color is dark. It also has two dark lines on its pronotum that makes it looks like a grunge kind of hair.
Germany cockroaches love to be inside the dry places such as hotels or hospitals. They like European foods such as breads, cheese or beers.

There’re few actions to do in order to prevent those stinky bugs build their nests in our house:

  • Always wash all your kitchen utensils and food instruments as well. And don’t let your food left uncovered in the night

  • Clear every area from food crumbs

  • Close all holes, gaps or cracks in every places

  • Throw out all kinds of paper bags, cardboards or old newspapers. All of these stuffs are cockroach’s favorite hiding places

  • Clean up your storages annually such as food storages, vegetables, laundries and house equipments that rarely used. Because female cockroaches usually choose these as a place to put their oothecas.

  • Put cockroach’s trap in every places

  • For those houses that have been invaded by these bugs, you can call and use pest control services. They will have a right doze of poisons to kill these stinky cockroaches.

    Indeed, cockroaches are not that easy to exterminate. I think I saw it one day on natgeochanel. They said that cockroaches have a good ability to survive. They even can escape and survive from radioactive because of their shrewdness and the flatness of their body shape. It makes them can hide themselves easily through neat gaps underground

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