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Jul 16, 2009

Woman And A Car in Medan

A few months ago, I got a chance to learn how to drive a car. And guess, who’s got the chance be the tutor? My husband himself! Hahaha... Because the house we stay is in the middle of nowhere, and it’s difficult for me to go anywhere without driving a car.

So, if I can drive my own car, I’ll be able to go anywhere I want, any time. And I don’t have to wait for my husband to pick me up. However, I actually don’t brave enough to do that. Because, even before my lesson started, I already imagine that my car will crashed somewhere, somehow.

Moreover, my husband can’t be a good driving tutor anyway. All he knows is screaming and yelling every time. 'Watch out'; 'Be careful' and so on. I can’t even write them all here. Because of that, my ‘vulnerable’ self-esteem has gone worst. And that makes every minute of the lesson even harder for me.

Sometimes, I envy every other woman (even teenager) who can drive their own car. How can’t I be like them? Hehehe..

But, that’s not the only problem. In fact, it’s not easy for women to drive their own car in this town. Even if they good at it. Because, if somehow there’s something is not right, like your car is too slow, or it takes a long time for you to park your car, you will hear somebody says this: "No wonder, the driver is a woman!"

Is it really that bad? I mean just because the driver is a woman, so everybody think that she can’t drive properly? But when that ‘mistake’ has made by man, nobody will ever say: 'No wonder, the driver is a man!'
Well, maybe somebody will only yell at him: 'You moron!'
This entire situation has made me even worrier than before.

Even if someday I’ll be able to drive a car, I don’t think that I’ll be ready to drive my car downtown here in messy streets of Medan. Where everybody can stop everywhere they want. Without giving any signs before! Or motorcycle’s drivers who like to slip every car in front of them.
Someone has ever says: 'If you can drive safely in Medan, it will be easier for you to drive a car in Jakarta' because of the messy we have here.

And I’m a kind of person who can have a panic attack easily. If somehow my car has been stopped without notification, then everybody start to yell at me with the sound of horns everywhere. I can assure you; this situation can even make me forget how to start the car again! And by that time, I’m sure I will hear somebody yelling at me: "No wonder, the driver is a woman!” And I’ll be very angry and ashamed as well! Oh, women.

Maybe it’ll be better for me to just take a taxi anyway. I think I’m not ready yet to drive a car downtown. When I make mistake somehow, I’m not ready to hear someone yell at me "Screw you, woman!!” just because they think I can not drive a car properly.

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