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Jul 11, 2009

Take a look at your bathroom right now

A bathroom indeed express the owner’s hygiene way of life. Imagine when somebody comes to our house and surprise to find the bathroom is very slippery (because the floor is mossy), the bath tub wall is look dirty (because it’s not regularly brushed) and it smells really bad. And the worst is when our guests accidentally meet the cockroaches running around freely Will you feel ashamed?
That is why we need to keep our bathroom as clean as possible.

According to the article I read, we need to clean our bathroom every day. But I think it’s a bit useless because our bathroom won’t be as dirty as the mall’s toilets. The bathroom is only used everyday by 3-5 people that live in the house. So I choose to clean the bathroom once a week is enough; as long as we do it in the right way and carefully. Our bathroom will look clean and smells good. I bet everyone must like a clean and nice bathroom just like in fancy hotels. Like one in this picture
If we can’t have a fancy bathroom, at least we can imitate the clean look of that hotel’s bathroom.

There are a few tips in that article. But I only choose three of them; the best three of them; and share them with you..

First, always clean up the floor and the bathroom’s wall.
Before this I always think that we need to add certain kind of chemical fluid when we brush the bathroom’s floor and wall; the chemical fluid like Porstex. It will make the floor and the wall look clean and make the bad smell disappear too. Well, finally I found out that chemical fluid like that can be dangerous for daily use. It’s not only dangerous for our healthiness but also dangerous for the bathroom itself.

In fact this chemical can ruin the surface of the floor and wall especially those who use ceramics for bathroom’s floor and wall. So if you find a spot just use the chemical right into the spot’s surface only. Than clean the surface thoroughly with water.
If you insist to use chemical fluid when cleaning your bathroom’s floor and wall, do it once in a month. Or maybe you can use different kind of chemical that won’t ruin your ceramics. You can use chlorine that mixed with water first.

The best way to clean them is just by using your brush. No needs to use a thicker brush, as long as you brushed every surface until the spot disappear.

Second, clean up the sanitary equipments.
Sanitary equipments are like

  • washtafel

  • bath tub

  • toilette, or stuffs like that. Usually they made of marble or stone.

    To clean a little spot, you can use a slice of lemon and swipe it in the spot surface only. And for a bigger spot, try to use a chemical mixed of borax (HCl) and lemon. Use this fluid along when you brush the spot. After that, you still need to clean up the chemical again by using detergent.

    Third, clean up the fitting equipments.
    Fitting equipments in our bathroom are including every equipments made of nickel or chrome. Such as

  • water tap

  • or

  • towel hanger

  • For this kind of equipments, avoid using chemical fluid for metal, because it can destroy the nickel or chrome surface. Just use a clean towel to wipe them.

    For additional we can use bathroom’s perfume (like lemon favor). It can reduce the bad smell. When our bathroom clean and fresh, we don’t need to feel ashamed when other people use our bathroom. Even when we only have a small space, but it looks nice and clean. That’s all that matter, right?

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