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Jul 30, 2009


Have you seen Kecap Sedaap’s commercial which has been vanished from TV recently? The script is about a boy who just comes back from school. He goes straight to the kitchen; apparently his mother is not there. And there is no food served on the table. Meanwhile, the kitchen itself looks very modern and fancy. The boy doesn’t even think to take a look at food storage first, just in case his mother already spares some food for him.

But the first thing he grabs is a big jar full of chips then a bottle of ketchup. Then he starts to eat a bowl of rice just with chips and ketchup. Amazing, he can eat all the content in that bottle instantly, even before he finished with his rice.

When he realized that he’s going to run out of ketchup, and he becomes very angry and start yelling. Suddenly, his slim and well-dressed mother comes up, and brings a new bottle of this Sedaap ketchup. The boy is so happy, and began to continue with his food. And those chips too.

There’s something annoying about this kind of commercial. It’s about the message that might have reached our children. That it’s okay if they just want to eat their food with chip and ketchup only. But, wouldn’t it be wiser, if only they served other kind of food and not just chips and ketchup? If they can’t serve meat, they can still served fish or vegetable or maybe an orange. So there’s enough nutrition in his food. Because I’m sure everybody will say that chips and ketchup is never enough!

I’m a big fan of chips too. I love to eat them with rice as well. But, please don’t be so naïf. No matter of that ketchup is so tasty and full of nutrition, still it can not replace the quality of healthy food, right? So, it doesn’t matter if you like chips and ketchup for your meal, but don’t forget to inform your audience about the real healthy food.

Because commercial can effects people easily. If the commercial teach children that it’s okay for them to have their meal with chips and ketchup only (although their parents can afford them healthy food) along with his mother’s improvement, I think it’s not smart. Is his mother has lost her mind? But teach the children to eat healthy food. It doesn’t have to be fancy, with cheese or milk. Just serve rice, fish, vegetables and simple fruit, like orange or banana. If the children see their favorite artist on TV is eating vegetables, it will be easier for them to eat vegetables too, right?

The bottom line is choose the right method for your commercial script. Especially if you have children as your audience.


  1. Definitely not good for children! They could just imitate what they saw and argued that it was healthy enough for them. A terrible ad, indeed.

  2. thanks for stepping by at my silly post,.
    humm ya I agree with your last three line, every parents will agree with you too I thing, ad so influencing especially for child, its easy to involved their feeling with ad especially tv


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