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Jul 9, 2009

Come And Get Killiney For Coffee

My husband and I are coffee addicts. I mean the real coffee that you can only get in the coffee house (kopitiam) instead of the instant coffee.

We have several favorite places. From Starbucks to a simple coffee house like Kopitiam Jalan Hindu or Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Including: Killiney.
I love the
Kopi Tarik
The composition between coffee and sugar is really nice. Not so sweet, for sure. I don’t like coffee with too much sugar on it. In fact, Killiney’s coffee beans are Columbia’s Arabica blended with Indonesian’s Robusta. Perhaps, this combination is the most important thing that makes Killeney’s coffee tastes so great.

Killiney also served many kinds of food. Such as

or nasi ayam hainan. Asha loves the chicken rice there. There’re also various kinds of breakfast.
The toast
hmmm.... taste great...
Sometimes, we especially spare our time to go there and buy two cups of kopi tarik to go.

The waiters are very nice. And the service is good. So, I think I should give Killeney a place here in my blog.

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