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Jul 6, 2009

Still Asking for Gold Rings?

How come?? Parliamentary members who are going to retire this year ask for gold rings for about ten grams each. Because they consider that they already work very hard to do their job-descriptions which is to serve their country

I don’t know whether I have to laugh loudly or cry sadly for that In fact, they have been paid with a large amount of money every month. But they still ask for an expensive gift?! Because total amount for this gifts is about one billion rupiahs! And the money comes from tax that given by poor people in this country.

Our APBN itself is standing on loans from other country. So if we buy these expensive gifts, it will raise the amount of our loan too Even though we have a large amount of money, wouldn’t it better if we use that money for our army maintenances? To reduce the number of accidents or it would even better if that money can be used to help the victims of Lapindo’s mud. I really feel sorry for them. They had lost their every belonging because of that mud. And still they don’t have a proper help, yet. All that money will be more precious for them instead of giving gold rings for those parliamentary members. They consider that rings as gifts their jobs along their work times (about 5 years only), isn’t that ironic? They should remember these wise words:
Don’t ask what your country can give you.
But ask yourself, what you can give for your country.
They should serve their country, not served by their country!

They have chosen by people as parliamentary members to serve their country. Their works are about services. Not just as usual workers. But their country still gives them a large amount of money. So that they can have a reasonable live with their family. Isn’t that enough? In fact, that serving attitude that makes them look glorious.

When people consider their services for their country are not good enough, they still dare to ask for expensive gifts? Meanwhile, our war veterans only get placards. I thing it’s fair if people refuse this plan. Those senators’ should open their eyes and see their country condition before asking that. People are still poor and suffering. Don’t use their tax payment to buy expensive gifts like those gold rings. Use that money to help those who need it.

There’re various kinds of gifts that can be give to them whole heartedly. Just match the kind of gift they asked with our country’s condition. Even without expensive gifts, people always appreciate your services.

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