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Jul 25, 2009

A Trip to Hill Park, Sibolangit

The first thing come up in my mind in every Sunday morning when I woke up is: Where are w going to have some fun for today? As you know, I have become a stay at home mother for almost three years and Sunday is really a holiday for me. And this time we choose to go a giant playground Hill Park in Sibolangit.

We leave Medan, by noon. After having a lunch for one hour, we go directly to the playground. Asha has been taking a nap in the car before, so right now she’s really feel excited about this place. When we walk along the boulevard, we can hear a kid’s song playing loudly to entertain the ‘little visitors’.

After pay 20 thousand rupiahs each for the tickets, we enter the playground and start to take picture in every good angle. Here comes Asha with her smile.

First we choose to ride in a the colorful train. We must pay 12 thousand rupiah each for this. Then this train took us around and sees a few places in this wide and giant playground. It’s fun to sit and let this colorful train shows you many places without walking by yourself in the ground.

Next we go to the giant wheels, we can sit and relax while enjoying the panorama of mountains far away. Every roof of >houses in Sibolangit look so tiny; as well as every people that walking around the Hill Park too.

Asha love to play with the giant chicken every time we come to this place. Then she move to giant purple dinosaur. At last she ride the giant green elephant. All of these ”animals” plays its own music each time some body ride it. And Asha enjoy it very much

At last, the day is getting dark and we have to go back to Medan. Besides, Asha is starting to feel sleepy and lost her smile. And she began to sleep on our way back home. What a great holiday we have in Hill Park.

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