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Jul 5, 2009

Sudirman Fountain Park

Medan has lost so many open green space, that can be used as family recreation. Because now, Medan has been fulfilled with various kind of malls, plazas and five stars hotels. Indeed from this situation, you may say thatMedan looks more fancy and modern right now. Everywhere you can see big buildings; fancy malls, exclusive plazas, international restaurants, and stuffs like that. But if you look around, now you can not find even a small park for public used downtown. A safe one for children play around in the afternoon. No needs to worry when they fall down, because the park has thick great grass in there. And this grass is safer than mall’s glossy floor.

Because of this, people in Medan who can not afford to shop in the mall, or those who maybe bored to visit mall every time, choose to have a recreation in a fountain as a cheap place to go. Yes, a fountain. Just like those in front of hotels or malls. But the fountain they choose to visit is not the safe ones. Because those fountains are build in the middle of crowded street for the city purposes.

Like the fountain near SIB monument (in the corner of Gatot Subroto, Glugur, and Jalan Adam Malik) or fountain of Bank Mandiri. Actually all of these fountains are not build for society activities. That’s why the place is in the middle of the road.

But when the night comes, this fountain’s area are always full of people along with their children. And you may find many kinds of food there. Such as bakso, sate and toys as well. People usually come by bus or motorcycle. And they will park their vehicles in that area too and make the street so crowded. And it’s dangerous.

It’s dangerous because children are playing around without any fear there, and enjoy the fountain’s area which usually full of lamps? They really do. And parents don’t need to spend more money to buy snacks for their children also. They can just buy cheap snacks like sate or maybe simple misop. The most important thing for them is that they can go out of their home and find a nice and cheap place to visit. They definitely don’t choose mall, because it’s an expensive one.

Fortunately, there’s still one more small park left for society used, complete with it’s fountain. This small park is on Jalan Sudirman. When we visit that place on Sunday, we find so many people choose that place as a place for recreation. Children are playing around with their balloons. While their parents are sit in the grass and watching them. Some of them are enjoying sate as snacks. Asha has a picture there with fountain as the background.
I really hope, that someday people of Medan could have a big and wide park for recreation. Complete with children’s playground. So that every parents don’t have to spend a lot of money in the mall. I think parents can also bring their kids to see many crocodiles in Asam Kumbang. That place is cheap too

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