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Jul 2, 2009

Clean Your Kitchen Equipments with Salt

Salt has become a very useful thing for mommy in the kitchen. Not only for cooking but also can be used as a cleaning tool as well. There’re many ways I’ve read about using salt as your cleaning tool. But I choose a few of them only and I’d like to share them here for you.
First, Cofeemaker
The coffeemaker glass is always look tarnished because we use it to make coffee everyday. It can be cleaned easily. Mix one cup of ice cubes with one tablespoon of water and four tablespoon of salt. Put those mix into the coffeemaker glass, then stir slowly for a few minutes. After that, rinse with water, and wash with soap as usually.

Second, Coffee and Tea cups. To clean the spot in the bottom of the cup just put some salt into that spot area. Put a little water, and scrub slowly. Finally, you can wash it again with soap and rinse.

Third, Stove
For a char spot, use the mix of salt and cinnamon. Spread into the spot area. Then wipe again with a clean towel.
For oily spot and other liquid cause, after you spread the salt and the cinnamon in the surface, leave it for about five minutes, and then wipe it with a clean towel.

Fourth, Oven
The inside surface of oven is usually full of spots; clean the surface with salt only. Just spread the salt into the spot area. Leave it there for a few minutes until the spots run dry with the salt. After the heat’s gone, clean the area using a spatula.

Fifth, Refrigerator
Mix salt and baking soda in a same composition, and use it to clean the spot and the odor inside the chiller. Use a wet sponge to wipe the inside surface of the chiller with the salt mix.

See; just use a simple material like salt that we can find easily, the spot on our kitchen equipments can be easily cleaned up.

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