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Jul 1, 2009

Becoming A Stay At Home Mother

A friend of mine wrote on my Face book’s Wall and comments about the term I used in my profile data. I wrote that I’m A Stay At Home Mother. He told me that every stay at home mother can also do other things beside just stay at home and watching their kids grow everyday. He asked me to do many useful things such as writing and any kind of job that can be done at home also. So I’m thinking that maybe he assumed that a stay at home mother like me is a kind of mother that do nothing in her house. Well, I think I need to explain this more.

Most of you consider working as something you do in office.
Become an employee of certain company, working with certain kind of target achievement.
And of course your company will pay you for your hard works.
It is a job. And in this term, I call you as a working at office mother.

So, what about people without office, without company, without payment like you do? You will assume them as jobless? If so, then you are so wrong.

A stay home mother is a real job indeed.
I'm not a kind of stay at home mother who spends most of my time sleeping and watching TV, you know. My job description is nursery. It’s the hardest job in the world. I don’t need office, company and payment for that.

My OFFICE is my own house; my COMPANY is my own family.
And my payment is having the advantage that nobody can force me to do anything. But it doesn't mean that I'm not a working woman. I don’t need to describe what Nursery jobs here are.
I’m sure that every stay at home mother, who refuses to use baby-sitter services, will understand that.

I can tell you that I do something for myself-development also.
I think a lot, I read a lot, I write a lot, I discuss a lot, and I even have a personal blog myself.
I can become a teacher, an accountant, a cook, a debate partner, anything.
But, you can not envy me because I can do all that stuffs anytime and anywhere.
It's something a working at office mother can not do.

You can dare me about gadget. You can dare me about book. You can dare me about knowledge. You can dare me about politics. You can dare me about accounting, you can dare me about fashion, and you can even dare me about negotiation techniques.
I know almost every working at office mother knows.

But I have one thing that a working at office mother doesn't:
"I spend all of my time doing that stuffs without leaving my house and my daughter."
You can envy me for that

So, for you, every stay at home mother in the world, you should proud of the job you choose.
And for every working at office mother in the world (or anybody else), do not under estimate us. We have our own jobs in our own way.

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