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Jun 30, 2009

De Dago Restaurant

Actually, we often eat in this De Dago Restaurant, but I always forget to write it down in my blog. However, I really want to share this place with you all. But every time I found my stomach so full, all those intentions seems to fly away.
Finally, when we visit De Dago Restaurant again, I take my time to write it down this time.

The place actually not as chic as Gelato Bar. De Dago Restaurant's interior is more like oldies style. The place is on Jalan Majapahit in front of Herna Hospital in Medan.

Every visitor can choose any place they want to sit. There’re spaces inside and outside the restaurant. Outside the restaurant, you can find some rows of tables which neatly arranged around the restaurant. You also can choose to sit on a row of round tables with big umbrellas beyond, right in the front yard. This tables usually full with smoking visitors.
Inside the De Dago Restaurant, the air is cooler because they use Air Conditioner inside. They also placed some aromatherapy’s candles on the floor. I love the scent of aromatherapy here. The decoration is more garden alike. A big synthetic tree is placed right in the center of the room. The branches are arranged to fill most part of the ceiling. So it feels like you’re eating under the tree in a garden. A few garden lamps are also placed neatly inside the room. In the corner, we could find a little pool with a few colorful koi fishes in it.

I can tell you, the De Dago Restaurant indeed impressive. You’ll feel like eat your food under a tree but inside a room. And you can hear the sound of water splashes from the whirl-pool and smell the aromatherapy scents in the air. It makes the food taste even better.

The oldies style is also the theme they choose for furniture inside the room. Every window has long sheers curtains. The light comes from a few little lamps in ceiling. There’s also an antique buffet made of wooden. All these furniture has made the the room’s style look oldies, as they wished.

The menu they offered there are various too. They have national foods like nasi timbel or soup, and western foods like spaghetti and steak. The beverages are also various. Such as fruit juices, coffee, bottled beverages, and es campur.

My favorite beverage is es teler. The taste is great! Completely served in a big bowl with slices of jack fruits, coconuts and avocadoes. My favorite food is beef spaghetti, but I also like Nasi Goreng Kampung.

My husband’s favorite is Mie Sop Daging Sapi only. He never changed his food. For Asha, we give her fried potatoes but also let her sip our beverages sometimes.

De Dago Restaurant's building is big enough and cozy too, unfortunately only e few visitors come here. Except on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The food price is good, actually. It’s not too cheap or expensive either. But the taste is great.

Actually, we love to hang out in De Dago Restaurant if it's not too crowd. Because we can eat better and choose any table we like.

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