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Jul 13, 2009

Are You Precious Enough?

The death of King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, caused a commotion in world. This uproar has become more hectic than the death of Princess Diana a few years ago. Both Michael Jackson and Lady Di are really blessed with their own allures and successfully gained a special place in the world’s heart, although there’s a certain difference that comes between them.

Lady Di has been loved by this world, because of her charity activities. While Michael Jacksonhas been loved because of his everlasting songs. People remember him also with his moonwalk style, great dancing as well as his unique costumes.

Even when the press judged him as a pedofilia and even he had a mysterious life stories, Michael Jackson is always be the world’s subject of adoration. When most of Afro-American considered him as a betrayal, but a lot of white people adore him too with his fake white skin. His songs has vanished the gap between every races in this world. Michael Jackson has a big talent in music. His songs are always remember as well as his video clips.

One thing I remember from Michael Jackson’s songs is the humanitarian theme, such as Heal The World, Black or White, and We Are The World, etc. The song Heal The World itself has become an icon to many charity commercials.

Even here in Indonesia, several TV stations are also competing each other to publish Michael Jackson’s story of life; whereas he doesn’t even Indonesian. Not to mention every other country that has the same plan about this. So it seems like Jacko will be more famous when he’s dead than alive.

A friend of mine on Facebookwrote something about Michael Jackson death.
”Will our lives be precious enough to be remembered by other people when we’re gone?”

It’s just a simple question but need a lot of muse to answer. Have we done something useful for other people in this short life already? Have we given something that can make other people remember us back when we leave this world someday? It’s something that makes people mourning because of our death. Or in the other side maybe they just feel grateful for our death.

We can not expect this world to remember us like they remember Michael Jackson. But we are Michael Jackson for our closest people. We are Lady Di. We are Mother Theresa. We are Nelson Mandela. Maybe it’s not for the world; but for our family and friends. Let’s do something useful in our lives. And when the time has come for us to leave this world; they will remember us for that.

Elephant dies leaving its ebony, tiger dies leaving its skin, and human dies leaving his/her name. The choice is all ours. We determine ourselves whether will be remembered for our life time or just vanished without trace when we’re leaving this world.

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