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Jul 21, 2009

Destroy The Empty Bottle First

Recently the authority has released a list of 27 imitation cosmetics that has been found in the market. This problem has show up many times this year. About bad people that imitate a certain kind of skin care products and re-sell them back in original price

After looking around, I finally found some picture of the product that has been successfully imitated and has been reselling as original product with original price. There’re also some dangerous materials found in that fake product.

  • Doctor Kayama (Whitening Day Cream and Whitening Night Cream) contains Mercury

  • Blossom (Day Cream and Night Cream) contain Mercury

  • Cameo Make Up Kit 3 in 1 Two Way Cake and Multi Eye Shadow and Blush On that contains Rhodamin B

  • I can see that from the 27 products list that have been released in the media by authority, I only found three of them in the internet. All of those Chinese products can’t be found anywhere in this modern age. Isn’t that weird? Actually, this can be a bad signal for us about the product’s quality.
    This is why I always spare sometimes to search in the internet about product info that I’m going to use before buying it. Even if I can not find the official website, at least I can still read various testimonials from people who has ever used that product before. If most of those testimonials tell positive opinions about it, then I will have that product tested. On the other side; if the opinions are negative I would never use that kind of product ever.

    This fake product also has a bad impact for the genuine product who already familiar and has many customers for its qualities. Dr. Kayama’ skin care, for example. This brand has been famous among women who love to have skin treatment in derma-lab. I found one way out for this unfortunate even; just like I wrote in one of my articles before. Beware of fake skin care products you have to destroy the empty bottle before you throw it into your garbage. So nobody could ever re-use that garbage for any bad purposes.

    For container made from glass, it will be easier to break it into small pieces before throwing it away. For plastic, make sure you tear it with knife (usually in the area where the brand is written) or burn some spot in before throw it away. At least, those garbage have been broken and can not be re-used for any purposed except for recycling only.

    But the most important thing is beware of Chinese products; especially those without any clear information about the distributors, where it come from, and especially always check the ingredients before use it. Avoid using certain skin care products just because you find it cheaper that the other one. Use the save one instead of the cheap one.

    Women and cosmetics are closed to each other. We will feel confidence when we look good and feel beautiful. And there’s nothing wrong about it. But be wise. Check and always recheck before you buy a new product of skin care. Do not pay attentions to the price only, but make sure you buy a genuine kind with no dangerous ingredients in it.

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