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Jul 15, 2009

The Cyber World Ethics

What makes me happily spending most of my time sitting in front of my notebook actually? There are two things. First, when my notebook connected with the internet. I feel like the keyboard is calling me over and over again to write every thing that come across my mind, my heart and my ears.

Second is when I get connected with the internet.
I can feel myself flying out of my house, leaving my daughter sleeping beside me. Feels like entering another different worlds without limits. From my living room, I can meet some old friends via Facebook. I think Facebook is one of the best thing that a stay at home mother like me can have. That social network has become a window for me to get along with my other friends outside the house. I can even meet some ex-school friends a long time a go. We haven’t seen each other for more thatn 20 years! All of them are spread all over Indonesia and other country as well. Facebook has become a window for all of us to share words. Facebook.

And then we have Blogspot. I began to write on a blog for about six months ago. I need a place to write my opinions and comments about anything. And I like writing just like I like having a lot of friends. And this blog has given me a chance to write and find new friends as well.

But, do you think that every people in this cyber world can be a friend to each other? Well, obviously not. I read a lot of mailing list or blogs that contains every junk word, insulting other people, humiliating other race, and stuffs like that. I saw many people that haven’t seen each other and don’t even know each other in the real world had hate and attack each other. And people from all around the world can see their fights easily.

Is it because we can’t see each other in this cyber world? Or maybe because they’re just kind of losers that can’t just meet and talk each other? Different opinions among several people are so usual. Every body in this world has a different opinion about certain kind of matters or conditions. But do we need to hate each other and began a fighting in the cyber world for that?

Every body can express their opinions freely You must deal with it!If you disagree with some body else’s opinion, tell him/her politely. To start a discussing is better than start a fighting. Because if other people have a different opinions from you, it doesn’t mean that they’re stupid; but just because they have a different point of views. That’s all.

I believe in the real world, people are judged by their performances and attitudes. Meanwhile, in the cyber world people are judged by their written languages; because no one will see your real face when you mocking other people by your statements. Not even your smiling profile picture. The worst is when some jerks are hiding behind the Anonymous profile. Losers!

If you use a nice and kind language in this cyber world, you’ll get friends from all over the world. But if you choose to offend other people, humiliated them, well, you’ll have enemies from all over the world.

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