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Dec 10, 2009

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Do you like coffee? I mean a real coffee instead of instant one. Well, I do. My husband and I are big fans of coffee. I’ve told you before about the old coffee house we like on Jl. Hindu or Killiney and now I’d love to tell you about a new coffee house we love also. It called Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Just like its name, this coffee house also has a great taste of toasts.

First I can tell you that the place is cozy and suit for family. As we came there, we can see several kids running around with a slice of toast in their hands. Toast in not for breakfast only here. They also served Fried Kuetiaw, Spring roll, ice cream and other kind of snacks. See? This place is really suit for family time.

We order coffee, obviously. We want to know whether they have a good taste of coffee also. In fact, they do.

The taste is good but we still prefer the coffee on Jl. Hindu better. But I love the toast. The mix of peanut butter, honey and kaya gives the perfect flavour with the coffee

I also took pictures of this place from a few different angles like these.
Below are two old style of ads from this coffee house. It looks unique.

And these are the pictures of the bar from two different angles.

Although the coffee is not as good as the one at Jl. Hindu, I still love the peanut kaya toast. So yummy.


  1. The place looks cozy enough; it's a pity there aren't in my city...

  2. I love this, thanks for sharing and I got some great tips from this blog! ChattyGirl

  3. when i was in high school, i really love coffee..i feel i addicted to coffee..now i drink coffee when i'm out with my family and friends

  4. how i wish i can try that coffee or even just to go that bar..heheh didn't drink coffee eh...

  5. I love peanut butter...to sandwich, satay sauce, and to my freas springs rolls ingredients...

    Look like a cozy café..?

    Thank tyou for you support to my blogg...leaving a comment is a support for me...hehehe have a good friday...

  6. This comment has nothing to do with this post but I wanted to let you know that I added you to my favorites list! Thanks for following me and Im glad you got a laugh out of my post about Vegemite....lol! I laughed for a long time after I went to Urban Dictionary too!!

  7. Yakun kaya is originally from Singapore :D and the chain can be found everywhere on this island! hehe

    I love going there too...the coffee is good, the place is decent and it's cheap (hehe...i think this is the real reason why I am such a huge fan)

    But enjoying coffee at home with your hubby complete with homemade teacake can be oh so very satisfying too. Try it sometime Risma :D


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