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Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Just another quick update, fellas..
I must prepare for a night drive towards my parent's home in my hometown.
I'm still waiting for my husband right now.
That's why I still have a minute or two to greet you for this special ocassion.

Have a merry Christmas to all of you out there....
May Christ blesses all of us
And may the joy fulfill us with warmth and hope..

"We wish you a merry christmas...
We wish you a merry christmas...
We wish you a merry christmas..
And a Happy New Year....."

See ya soon...


  1. merry christmas and happy new year,wish you always success :)

  2. Wish you have wonderful times with your family, Risma...

  3. Merry christmas mommy mayonnaise :-)

  4. nice pictures, but why Jesus born in the place like that!? have a great celebrate, nice share...


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