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Dec 14, 2009

Christmas Dish

I’m back, fellas. My weekend is fun enough. We attended a Christmas service with my husband’s relations from his office on Saturday afternoon. This Christmas service is for family and friends.

(Asha wore her favorite gown for this occasion)
There, Asha met some new friends on her own age. In the end of the event, suddenly “Santa Claus” appeared and the children chased him right away. They let him go just after this Santa threw some gifts to the air. The kids finally run for this gifts and left him behind. Hahaha.. Asha got one too. It’s a pink bunny doll. She loves it very much.

That’s the story of my weekend. And now I’d like to tell you story about our Holiday Dish. December is holiday month for our family. This is the time when we can spend some of our holiday to visit my parents in my hometown

. They live in a town called Siantar, about 3 hours from Medan and only 45 minutes from Lake Toba, Parapat. We usually visit them on Christmas Holiday or New Year Holiday. This year, we plan to visit them on New Year Holiday.

Siantar is a little town and almost all of its young people moved and stayed in a bigger city such as Medan. It makes Siantar looks quiet in January until November. But when it reaches December, the situation will change rapidly. Every people from other cities will come to visit their families back in this little town. You will find this little town become so crowded. The main road which is usually looks quiet, suddenly full of cars and people walking around. When you see this, you will realize that that’s holiday season.

On Christmas, my mother usually makes some special dishes for us. She usually cooks pork satay with peanut sauce.

I also love “perkedel” (mashed potatoes with seasoning and herbs) a lot. These two dishes must be served on New Year Holiday. Of course she also cooks some other dishes but these two are the main menus.

Well, holiday is almost about food, right. We will take that change while we can. Even if you cook this special dish on March, the air is really different. That’s why we call it Holiday Dish. What about you? What is your special dish for Christmas?


  1. You're cutie little girl looks very adoring on her red beautiful gown. I love seeing her smiling and seems very happy of her gown...

    Also, the food looks very dilicious and yummy. Can i have the list of ingredients of that pork satay with peanut sauce. I would love to cook it..ehehe

    Take care my friend. Good to know that you had a good time in your weekend...

  2. Asha looks so cute in her favorite gown...
    Can you send me perkedel, Risma? Yummy...

  3. Asha is so pretty! Your favorite Holiday dishes look YUMMY!! My personal favorite is Pumpkin Pie and Green Bean Casarole!

  4. I like when christmas time..Last year we went to Emirates Mall, Dubai when christmas time..and in the middle of the mall, there was a very very big cristmas tree..we took many pictures in the front of christmas tree..

  5. Asha is so precious in her dress Risma.. She's cute like mommy...

    Anyway, I'm sorry i took a while to be back here, my laptop totally crashed on me and hubby have to fix it. I was so mad because I know that it's one of the bloggers that gave me the virus..

    But the important thing is I am back and I have to come visit you.. I love pork satay with peanut sauce.. It's yum yum...

    Wish I could go visit my family in the Philippines soon too...


  6. That was an awesome weekend! I like her gown too Ü

  7. My family's Christmas dishes are mostly European dishes like Tomato Soup and Bolognese Spaghetti. But this year we will cook only Tomato Soup (our family's special recipe)


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