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Dec 7, 2009

Online Games Addicted

My friend, Kathy, recently said to me that she glad I’m back to my blogging activities again. I am a bit ashamed with this. Lol. I totally realize that I have left my blogs forgotten for a while since I become so addicted with several online games on Facebook. I play almost every 5 rank Facebook’s game everyday such as



(Pet Society)

(Café World)

(Barn Buddy)

These all games are the main reason why I’ve become so addicted in Facebook all day long.

At first, these games are so attractive, so that I can not stop until I can beat my other friend who has a higher ranking from me. I feel so satisfy when I finally can beat them and become the first. Curiosity has made me try and always try to beat them as soon as I could and that’s mean I have to spend more time to play the game. The more you play, the higher you get rank. This is what I called: addicted.

I’m well known as an online game’s mommy among my friends on Facebook, because they can find me in almost every game on Facebook. Hahaha. In fact, I never give up with my blogs in whatsoever. I still post articles on my Indonesian Blog which is connected to Facebook via Rss Feed. Some of my friends are fans of that blog and they keep asking why can’t they find new article on it? When they found out that I’ve been busy with my online games this 3 months, they wrote a lot in my wall and ask me to stop playing and start to write again.

I ignore them for a while. I still can’t let go of my self from those cute games. Then something happened. Suddenly I realize that my Indonesian Blog has already in 3/10 Google Page Rank. Shocking by this condition, I run to check my English Blog (this Mommy Mayonnaise) and I found it with 2/10 Google PR. Wow... I start to think that shouldn’t try to release my mind from those online games. At least, I must spare some times to write more articles and do some blogwalking. Otherwise, this good PR wouldn’t last for a long time.

Finally, here I am again, folks. I’m back with a bunch of ideas to write on. I’m back with some plans to do blogwalking everyday. I need to increase my Alexa rank again because before those “dark ages of mine” Mommy Mayonnaise has already on 1000000 Alexa and now drop to 3000000. On the other side, Perempuan Rumahan used to have 500 Alexa, now drop till 110000. Poor me. Silly me. Lol.

But, that’s okay. I still have a chance to make this right. I’m still playing those online games of course, but I make a promise to myself that will always spare more time for my blogs. I love blog and I love all of you my virtual friends.


  1. Ha ha ha, welcome back, Risma...
    That's why until now I avoid playing online games!

  2. Hi Ris! I had a good laugh with this post. I'm sorry if u got embarassed with what I said, I just missed ur presence here. Ur one of the first friends I found when I started blogging and I really like you. I am so happy to see that you updated your blog and you're blogwalking again. You are so lucky that your blogs got good PR rating, and you're right, you have to keep it up...

    It's nice to chat with you again through our blogs.. Good luck my friend! I will be back here tomorrow...

  3. I'm quite the fan of Farmville myself. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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