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Dec 28, 2009

I Miss The Next Christmas Already

I finally back from my Christmas Holiday in my hometown, Siantar. It was very great to feel that you can spend three days with your parents. Just like I told you before, my mum cooked the Christmas special dishes. We ate till we drop (lol).

We also made a visit to Toba Lake in Parapat. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day. We didn't have time to play on the lake at all. When we reached Parapat, we went to a restaurant for lunch and went back to Siantar after that. It was so sad. We already prepared every thing for this picnic. Snacks, small pillows, camera even a new sweater for Asha. What a day!!

And finally, the waiting is over, huh. We've been waiting for Christmas to come in a whole year. It's a bit sad when you realize that this glorious month must come to an end. I always miss the warmth of Christmas when the season passed. The truth is I already miss the next Christmas already. I hope God listens to my pray, that I really want to celebrate Christmas again next year.

Oh, I'm so busy telling you about my Christmas and forgot to ask you about your Christmas. How's your Christmas celebration, my dear friends? I hope it's as glorious as I have.

Anyway, let's move to a new topic. Year end is about to come. This time, we plan to spend the New Year eve on my mother in law's house. We're going to have a barbecue party that night. Sleep late and have some beer. Isn't that wonderful. Some of my friends choose to spend the New Year Eve from club to club, while some other planned a private party. Again, I am a family guy. I want to be with my family when the countdown begin (lol)

I think this New Year eve will be as fun as Christmas eve. Ah, time goes by even if you want to slow it down. 2009 will be passed away in three days and we must welcome the 2010. Have you made a resolution already? Hahaha..


  1. actually, I am here dear to actually invite you to see me tag you on my signing off, like a new years resolution of sort. hope to see you there...;)

  2. It seems that you have wonderful times, Risma...


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