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Dec 22, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today, we celebrate “Mother’s Day” in Indonesia. I’ve just called my mother in my hometown to greet her. I always do this in every year. When I was a teenager back in my hometown, I always try to give something as a present for her. Though that day I can only afford a hairpin from my own savings, but she always accepts it hilariously. Oh, my mom. There’s nothing compares to your love in this world, even that stupid hairpin.

Then suddenly I realize that I am a mother also. This year I greet my mum for a happy mother’s day, while my little angel can’t greet me yet. I feel a bit weird about this, you know. Just a few years ago you were only a daughter of a mother. Now, you become a mother of a daughter yourself. What a circle of life, huh?

All these experiences have opened my eyes widely of my mother truthful love for me. I know it’s not easy to give a birth to a baby, because I already gave a birth to one of my own two years ago. I know it’s not easy to raise a child because I raise one of my own now. It’s not easy to build a perfect marriage, it’s not easy to give in your entire ego and personal desires and bound up into a little family that you need to take care of. There’s nothing easy to become a mother.

But you know, being a mother is a gift also. Your kids are gifts. Your happy family is a gift. The change to give birth to a tiny angel is also a gift. Having a good and care husband is a gift. Taking care of a family is also a gift. So, becoming a mother is a an extraordinary gift! Don’t you think?

Indeed, we should celebrate this mother's day everyday. But I think we need to choose a certain time to show that we really care about our mothers. A day that will make this so special. A day where we can greet all mothers and thank them for all their efforts and never ending love. All these greet would never compare to all the love of a mother. But I’m sure all the mothers in this world would be very happy to accept a hug, a kiss, or maybe a simple gift. Everybody love hugs, kiss and gifts, right?

So, for this occasion, I would love to share this “Happy Mother’s Day” award especially for all mothers.

Maybe some of you are not from Indonesia and don’t celebrate it today. But still, you are a mother. So, come and celebrate it with us also. I would love to give this award to my foreign friends: Kathy, Jenie, Erin, Khim, Ruby, Steph, and Rose. These are my friends and also mothers. If you a mother and we do not know each other yet, you still can grab this award too. It doesn’t matter if we are friends or not. A mother is always a friend to every body, right? So, do not hesitate. Grab one of them (or maybe all of them. Lol) and bring it home with you.

Happy Mother’s Day...


  1. Hello Dear!

    Ohhh your so sweet...my gosh Marge Simpson and family guy I love them...hehehe!

    Did you make this your self..? impressive...
    Thanks Dear I´ll post it later this evening...

  2. In our country we celebrate mothers day on the month of May.

  3. Hey There! Thanks for the award! We've been super busy the last couple of days with Christmas parties and such so I havent had much time to post lately, but I promise I will be back soon! Thanks again and Happy Mothers Day to you!

  4. Thank you Risma for the award! I'm sorry, I didn't visit you back right away, I was very busy this weekend buying ingredients for christmas feast...

    I will change your URL in my page today as well... How are you my dear? Happy Mother's Day!!! muah!


  5. Thanks for the award! we celebrate mothers day every June i think.. anyway happy mothers day!
    thanks for the award :)

    Surviving Deployment
    A new beginning

  6. thanks ris!

    every mom deserves a standing ovation because you're 100% right saying it isn't easy.

    ...and like you i have been trying to make mother's days special for my mama since i can remember, and i appreciate her love for me BUT now that i am a mom myself, i appreciate it way way more than i did ever before. now i understand how much she loves me, because that is just how much i love my anya (or probably even more, i cant imagine loving her any less).

    so thank you for including me in your special day, ours have passed already but i believe that EVERYDAY is mother's day! ;)

  7. Woww... So good. Many Peoples understimate women, but the truly is Women is more than strong than men, how can men pregnant like A Women?

  8. The awards are beautiful, Risma...
    Happy Mother's Day to you; I still have to wait my turn... :)


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